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Go to Sleep Angel... by lileehilee

Angel was walking in the jungle by a dangerous land in the dark. before she's was very tired and sleeping in the top of the tree and climbing up. after he's begin to sleeping laying down.

Kaa saw Angel was sleeps in the tree. 

Kaa:  "oh yesssss.... my pressure of sleeping girl never heard screaming anymore... time to swallows in feast..."

Angel is waking up looking up.

Angel: "w-wait... who saying that...?" 

She's shocked by kaa encounter closer.

Angel: "Eeek!! S-S-S-SNAKE!!! Get Away for Me!!!"

Angel climbing down in the tree running away by a snake to chasing. 

Kaa: "you can't get away for me...!!"

She's is starting to faster more and kaa coils at Angel to relax.

Angel: "Aaaahh!! L-Let go of ME!! I'm not a Snake Food!!" 

Kaa's eyes hypnosis spinning as pinl, green, blue, and yellow". 

Kaa: pleassssssee.... don't screamssss...  no one to essscapee..."

Angel: "p-please don-- *hypnosis* uuuhh... i feel... funny..." 

Angel eyes being to closing and sleeping struggling coils squeeze, before kaa is begin to eating. 

Kaa: "you ssoooo sleeping girl... time to dig in..." 

Kaa's mouth opens up and swallows angel in the stomach before slime covering at angel soft perils sleeping inside. 

kaa: "sweet dreamssss.... you're life is begin to digestssss..." 

Angel's eyes wakes up and he's feeling smells slimy on the inside. 

Angel: "uuuhh... what's happening to me...?? why is so wet...?? wh-where am i...??" 

Angel started to shocked and Screamed before digestion. 

Angel: "Huh?! What's this..!!? Kyaaaahhh!! My clothes..!!! It BURNS!! I'M AM NOT A FOOD!!! HELP ME!!! KYAAAAAAAAAHH!!!"

Angel was digested and dies with bones in the kaa's belly.

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Um I think I said that would you read a story I create. It was a question. I wasn' asking for a request 
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