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Android 18 X Kaa by MegatronMan
Android 18 Has to Taking Care Himself Walking into a Forest Lives in the Dark and Using a Torch saw a Flowers Nasty "Oh Godness it's Stinky Flowers." He Using a Torch Burning a Flowers was Poor. "Well, I Have to Taking Rest." he Relax Sitting a Leaf Was so Good by cutey Butt Laying Down "Maybe I Will Trying to Go Sleep in Here." A Leaf Howling a Wind and Kaa Is Saw No.18 see his Butt smells like Chicken Leg. She's Moving Slowly Saw a Girls is Sleeping he Making a Sound Laughing Android 18 Wokes Up "Who's Making that Noise?" And Kaa Surprising Eyes Spinning Encounter. "Nicccee to Me You, Girl-cub. Are You Stiillll Losssst." Android 18's Eyes Starting Spins Around "Eat Me my Join Sleeping head?" She's Fell Asleep and Kaa Grabs No.18 Swallowed Begin and Deep Inside Sticky Slime and Tight of Stomach. "So Warm in here. Just Digestion Me." and Clothes Starte Digests of Trusts and Boobs So Nice and He Turns into Skeletons everywhere. "My Good Heart is Finally Over. Good Night Massster." and He Begin Sleeping in Leaf at Night. 

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September 14, 2017


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