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Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 19
Four years later...
Japan's house
Melody: *was asleep*
America: **was watching her sleep** Aww....
Melody: *yawns*
America: **picks her up and cradles her in his arms**
Melody: *watches up*
America: **takes her to Japan** Japan~ Let's play with her~
Japan: Melody is just a baby, honey
Melody: *looks at America and Japan*  mommy... daddy...
America: **blushes** I guess you're the Mommy.. Hehe...
Japan: :)
Melody: May I have my juice?
America: **gets her some juice** Aww~
Melody: Chichi, arigatō (Thank you, father)
Japan: Awww~ Melody just thank you, Hun
America: Aw! Your welcome sweetie~ **kisses her cheek**
America: **smiles** AWw~
Melody: Daddy? Why do people call you a country?
America: Because I am a country~
Melody: You are?
America: Yes, and so is Japan~ wait... **looks at Japan** So does that mean Melody is a country?
America: I don't know... Or maybe she's a state?
Japan: True... That might happen...
Melody: *is confused*
America: Hehe, it's nothing, sweetheart~ **poke
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 14 1
Mature content
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 18 :iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 5 3
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 17
That Morning...
7:00 am
Japan: America, I will be back soon as my meeting is finished, OK?
America: Ok~ :3
That Afternoon...
4:30 pm
Finland: AMERICA!!! America! This is bad!!! Russia have kidnapped Japan!!! He want a reason! He want us to give him China!!!
America: **was sleeping** ...Wat?
Sealand: Russia have kidnapped Japan!!!
America: ...Oh. OH. SHIT. **stands up and runs to the door**
Sealand: He won't give Japan back until he have China!!!
America: Oh... But I can't do that to China!
Sealand: Then what are we going to do!!!
America: ...I don't know! D:
Sealand: Let's ask England!
America: **runs to England's room** ENGLAND~!!
England: WHAT!? I'm busy!!!
America: I need help! Russia kidnapped Japan!
England: WHAT!?!?!? Then give him what he wants!!!!
America: He wants China but... I don't know if China would want that..
England: Then call him and make him agreed to that! We have no idea which Russia might do to Japan. Japan might be in labor!!!!
America: Um, ok... **gets the phone
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 4 2
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 16
America: **is sleeping in Japan's bed** =w=
Japan: *asleep with America*
America: **starts to wake up** **sees Japan and smiles, running his fingers through his hair**
Japan: *still asleep*
America: **kisses Japan's belly** Melody...
Japan: *wakes up* Huh? America-san?...
America: Sorry, did I wake you up? I was just thinking about Melody... She's going to be so beautiful. **rubs Japan's belly**
Japan: No, I was just woke up. I was also thinking about Melody. I think she will be beautiful too.
America: I can't wait for her to come... **kisses Japan**
Japan: *kisses back* Watashi mo, watashi no ai. (Me too, my love.)
America: **smiles and kisses Japan again**
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 4 3
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 15
America: **made spaghetti** is this healthy enough? >:I
Finland: *nods* Yep~
Itlay: * burst through the wall* PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Japan: *was sweating a little*
America: ITALY~! **brofist**
Italy: AMERICA!!!!! *brofist*
America: Want some spaghetti~?
Italy: *nods*
America: Ok~ **gives him some**
Italy: YAY! Free Food~
America: :3
Japan: Um...Italy, where's Germany?
Italy: *eating pasta* Who?
Germany: **walks in through the hole in the wall** Italy, you moron...
America: GERMANY~~~ **glomps him**
Germany: ಠ_ಠ
Japan: Germany-san...
Germany: Oh, hi Japan.
Sealand: Germany...
Germany: Ja~?
Sealand: Why are you doing here?
Germany: Italy smelled pasta, so he came here. And I just followed him~
Sealand and Japan: Oh....
Germany: **sits down** .__.
Japan: *eats the pasta* its taste good America-san
America: Thank you~~
Japan: Welcome
America:  :3
Sealand: This taste good, right England?
England: Yes~
Italy: PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Germany: -_- Oh Italy...
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 3 3
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 14
The Next Day...
France: Anyways America, who is the little one going be like? An English asshole like Iggy, a romancer like me, or.... a brat like Sealand?
Sealand: HEY!!!!
America: An awesome American, that looks Asian at the same time. :3
England: **facepalm**
Japan: *was sweating a little* oh America....
America: Or, it might be a very calm, intelligent person like Japan, but she's white. One of the two.
England: **still facepalming**
Japan: I see...
France: Your really an idiot huh? I am worry for her, now. How would she get the guys?
America: She'll have my sexiness, of course~
Japan: *sighs*
France: I see~ Well, i must be going now, toddles ~ *leaves*
England: Yes... Please do..
Japan: I think I have gain a headache
Sealand: Me too
England: *trying to change the subject* So...
Japan: *cutting England off* America-san, can I see the room?
America: Sure!  
Japan begin to open the door and head in the room. The room was actually bigger than another other rooms. It was extremely spac
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 6 1
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 13
At the store...
America: **sees some pink blankets** Let's get these! :3
Japan: *nods*
America: **picks them up** They're so cute~
Japan: H-H-Hai~
America: Hm? Is she kicking you?
Japan: *nods* Un, shikashi sore wa watashi ga atsukau koto ga dekinai nanimonai.... (Yeah, but it's nothing I cant handle....)
America: Ok~
Japan: *see China but he disappear when he tries to tell America* . . .
America: **pokes Japan** :3 Let's look for clothes~
Japan: !!! Hai
America: **walks to the clothes section**
Japan: *follows him*
North Korea: That's was close...
America: Aw~ **sees a pink dress** I like this~~ X3
Japan: Me too...
America: **holds the dress up in front of his belly** Do you like it~? **pokes his belly**
Japan: *felt a kick* *giggles a little* I guess she likes it~
America: Aww~ That's so cute~ So, we decided that she'd have an American name since she's a girl, right?
Japan: Yeah... I wanted to called her... Melody.... It sounds like a really calm and collected name...
America: That s
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 5 1
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 12
After Dinner...
America: I'll pay, if you want me to :3
Japan: *nods* Ok, honey~
America: **gives money to China** There you go~ :3
Japan: Thank you for the meal, father *bows*
China: **smiles a little** Mmhm. **walks away**
Japan: *looks at America& lets go home, hun~
America: Ok~ :3 **holds Japan's hand and walks to the door**
North Korea: Should we follow them?
China: Uh.... Yeah. I really wanna see what they've been doing. Don't let them see us. **walks to the door**
America: **is holding Japan's hand** I'm getting tired~ When we get home, want to snuggle with me~? :3
North Korea: Understand... *Follows China*
Japan: *nods* OK~
Thug 1: Can we join? *laughs cruelly*
Thug 2: What are you doing here, sexy lady~
America: **holds Japan's hand and walks faster**
Thug 3: **stands in his way** How sweet of you to protect your girlfriend~ Hehe~
America: ...
Thug 4: **grabs Japan**
Japan: Let go of me!!!
Thug 1: *looks at Japan* Aww, how cute, you're expecting~
Thug 2: *gets between America
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 5 0
Mature content
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 11 :iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 5 2
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 10
Later that night...
England & Finland: *was asleep*
Japan: *couldn't go to sleep*
America: **is also awake** **goes to Japan's room** Hi~!
Japan: !!! America!!!
America: Is something wrong?
Japan: I just can't go to sleep...
America: **sits next to Japan, touches his hair** Aww... Want me to snuggle with you? :3
Japan: *blushes deeply* H-H-Hai?...
America: **lays down** Lay next to me~! :3
Japan: OK... *lays next to America*
America: **moves close to him** **wraps arms around him** You're so warm! **kisses his cheek**
Japan: *blushes* Thanks
America: **yawns** I love you..
Japan: *yawns too* I love you too... *went to sleep*
America: **kisses him and also falls asleep**
Next Morning...
America: **wakes up, sees Japan is sleeping** Aww..
Japan: *was sleepy*
America: **smiles and kisses him**
Japan: *blushes*
America: You awake~?
Japan: A little
America: But not all the way? Haha~
Japan: H-H-Hai...
America: **stands up** Come on~ **grabs Japan's hand and pulls on it**
Japan: *gets up* Wh
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 4 0
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 9
At the park...
America: **sits down on a bench with Japan**
Japan: America....
America: Hm? **holds Japan's hands**
Japan: Do you know think I'm pregnant
America: Yes~
Japan: Oh... I'm wearing these new pant... I hope that people won't see the bump...
America: Well, it's not that big... Nowhere near as big as my belly~ I'm such a fatass... **blushes** Anyway... **moves closer to Japan**
Japan: *blushes madly* A-A- America....
America: **puts his arms around Japan** Is something wrong? **kisses him**
Japan: *blushes more and kissed back*
America: **suddenly starts crying** J-Japan... **gently hugs him**
Japan: *was confused* America... Why are you crying?
America: Because... The things China said about me a while ago... It's true! I'm so fat and dumb..
Japan: Oh America... It's not true...
America: It is! **cries harder**
Japan: America...
America: Yes, Japan?
Japan: Alfred, I care about you so much that I'm willing to show our love in a public. I don't care what China said or wh
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 5 1
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 8
At the restaurant...
America: **holds Japan's hand** :3
Japan: *giggles* this is a really nice restaurant, America
America: Yep~ :3 You like American food, right~?
Japan: I guess so
America: Good!  
A while later...
Japan: *was finishing eating* This is really good~
America: Thank you~! England always tells me it's disgusting..
Japan: *was confused*  Why?
America: I don't know! He really hates American food! Maybe he burned off all his taste buds with those stupid scones!
Japan: *giggles*
America: **smiles** **pokes Japan's belly** I love you~
Japan: I love you too~
America: **kisses his cheek**
Japan: *kisses back*
America: **kisses his lips**
Japan: !!! * kisses back*
America: **kisses** mm~ Nihon~ **notices people are glaring at us** **nervously stops**
Japan: *stops too, blushing madly*
**random people are making fun of them for being gay**
America: *was sweating a little...*
Japan: Wanna to go somewhere else?
America: Yes...
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 5 0
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 7
Japan: *was watching TV with England*
America: **gives him sushi** Hehe... Poor Greece...
Japan: *takes it* What's wrong with Greece-san?
England: Yeah, America...
America: He found out about you, and fainted. o_o
England: AMERICA!?!? Don't spread that news that Japan is pregnant! Japan might have countries that is after him!?!?
Japan: England-san....
America: Sorry! I didn't think of that, Nihon!  
Japan: It's OK, America~
America: :3 Yeah..
Japan: I'm cold... * sneezes*
America: **hugs him**
Japan: Aigato
America: **kisses his cheek**
Japan: *giggles*
America: **kisses his head**
England: America, c'mon, Japan need some rest... *goes to his room* Lights Out!!!
America: Good night~ **kisses Japan**
Japan: *kisses back* good night, America...
2 months later...
Japan: *was oversleeping*
England: * is in a meeting*
America: **was also oversleeping** **wakes up** Oh crap.
Japan: *was sleepy*
America: **touches Japan's shoulder** Japan~?
Japan: *was in deep sleep*
America: **shake
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 6 0
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 6
7 weeks later...
England: America... America! AMERICA!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!
America: **yawns** What is it?
England: Do you know that you break Japan's heart which is going to make China coming after you. You know! I won't protect you anymore. Ever since I heard from what Macau told me, I lost all hopes and truth for you so that is the reason why I dump you. You are lucky enough that I'm letting you live with me even after all that crap you put Japan though!
America: What?! I broke his heart?! He's the one who said he didn't want to be with me anymore!!
England: Are you sure? I mean, maybe he was just saying that so he could get China and tell him that he didn't mean to have sex with him and that you and him wouldn't have sex anymore. America, can you be dumb sometimes... I'm really worry about Japan, can you please just go check on him?
America: Ok... **walks to Japan's house**
North Korea: *opens the door* annyeonghaseyo.... (hello....)
America: Is Japan here?
North Korea: I don't
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 7 5
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 5
14 weeks later...
Japan: *didn't come out his house, been throwing up every day*
North Korea: I haven't seen Japan in awhile...
Hong Kong: Me too... I wonder where he is....
Vietnam: China... We was wondering if we can all go over and check his house?
Taiwan: Yes, I"m worried about him...
China: **sighs** Fine... But I'm not coming.
North Korea: CHINA!!! You selfish Asian! You are like a father to him! So help him!!!
China: You're Asian too... **sighs** Fine, I'll come...
North Korea: YAY!~
At Japans House...
North Korea:*knocking on Japans door* Japan?
Japan: ...............................
Hong Kong:  Japan...
North Korea: you ok Japan?
Japan: ........................................................
Vietnam: Japan? Can you hear me buddy?
Hong Kong: Japan?...
Japan: ...................... ............................ .......................
Vietnam: I think we should go inside the house.... South Korea?
South Korea: **opens the door** It wasn't locked...
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 6 2
Ameripan :: True Love's Melody :: Chapter 4
Japan: *was walking home wit Germany and Italy*
Italy: Japan, what happened last night? I called your cell phone but you don't pick up...
Japan: Oh that.. I um... I had to go out... My pets was hungry and I forgot to get some more pet food.
Italy: Oh...
Germany: Oh, you have pets? I have dogs~ :3
Japan: I have a dog named Pochi and a cat named Tama
Italy: I have a cat named Gino~. . . Hey? Do you heard that? *hears China's and America's voices*
Japan: No.. Why?
Germany: I hear it too...
Japan: Huh?... American-san? China-san?
America: China, I'm sorry!! **is crying**
China: You sick faggot!
China: **sees Japan** Oh, hi. I can't believe you would have sex with this pig. You make me sick... I can't even look at you. Bye. **walks away**
America: **cries harder** I-I'm sorry...
Japan: China-san...
America: I'm sorry...
Japan: America-san... It would be good if we break up... I'm sorry but... Sore ga owatte.... (Its over....) *leaves and goes home*
:iconlilchibiookamimango:LilChibiOokamiMango 8 1


DLXL doujin 83 by AngelofHapiness DLXL doujin 83 :iconangelofhapiness:AngelofHapiness 137 58 comic 10 yaoi by SparxPunx comic 10 yaoi :iconsparxpunx:SparxPunx 39 65 Human Uke Kirby Comic by BlueRoseFox Human Uke Kirby Comic :iconbluerosefox:BlueRoseFox 46 14 Thor/Loki Week - Day 1: Pre-Thor by caycowa Thor/Loki Week - Day 1: Pre-Thor :iconcaycowa:caycowa 343 43 Thor/Loki Week - Day 3: Brothers in Arms by caycowa Thor/Loki Week - Day 3: Brothers in Arms :iconcaycowa:caycowa 412 63 Thor/Loki Week - Day 7: Post-Canon by caycowa Thor/Loki Week - Day 7: Post-Canon :iconcaycowa:caycowa 336 51 lokitty by chaiIatte lokitty :iconchaiiatte:chaiIatte 62 30 I'M UP ALL NIGHT TO GET LOKI by invaderk8 I'M UP ALL NIGHT TO GET LOKI :iconinvaderk8:invaderk8 583 75 Loki with Avengers plushies by invaderk8 Loki with Avengers plushies :iconinvaderk8:invaderk8 4,074 843 Loki's Softer Side by JazzySatinDoll Loki's Softer Side :iconjazzysatindoll:JazzySatinDoll 3,303 783 Marvel-Thor and Loki by Athew Marvel-Thor and Loki :iconathew:Athew 8,076 439 Hedgehog john by Kimbolt-Prime Hedgehog john :iconkimbolt-prime:Kimbolt-Prime 54 18 fluffy BBC by Kimbolt-Prime fluffy BBC :iconkimbolt-prime:Kimbolt-Prime 142 14 Snuggle by almond-goddess Snuggle :iconalmond-goddess:almond-goddess 287 39 Ferry by almond-goddess Ferry :iconalmond-goddess:almond-goddess 223 35 Animal-Lock by almond-goddess Animal-Lock :iconalmond-goddess:almond-goddess 3,967 273



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