Pokemon Alphabet Redo! Vote for your Favorites!

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So this is my Pokemon Alphabet poster that I also sell as stickers onwww.lilbruno.storenvy.com :

But I’d love to add a variation and have multiple stickers for each letter. So here’s where you guys come in, time to vote! Tell me what Pokemon you would like to see in my alphabet. I’ll put together the 5 most popular for each letter into a poll during the month of September, so comment here, on my facebook page, on tumblr, or if you have PokeAmino you can comment on this same blog post there, or you can even send an email (chelsea@lilbruno.com)! Let me know which Pokemon you’d like to see on these letters and good luck! 

PS here’s some doodles of my ideas. Probably will definitely do these two unless you guys vote a lot against it.

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