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CTTOC- Round Robin pg1

UPDATED with pretty colors and typed dialogue and stuff. Original page (lines only)

This is the first page of the ClubTTOC Round Robin Comic project!! FINALLY.

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Taboo belongs to :iconakrex:
Tim belongs to me
(links to their profiles are found in this blog entry)

:star:Important note: The binding cuffs/bracelets also (conveniently) jam communications. Nobody can call for backup or find their location. (If the bracelets were somehow removed, however, all function would be back online.)

A lot of things went wrong on the road to me making this. :c The latest of which was my computer monitor totally frying, so I had to give up on another draft of the comic... and abandon my inaccessible script... and just start from scratch with a pen and paper. SIGH. But I did it. I did it. It's done. I can always go back later and make it look prettier when I have a working computer.


Page Description
Your descriptions don't have to be this detailed, but this is the first page (and it's hand-written), so I want to make sure everything is clear.

Panel 1
(Poorly drawn country landscape with Jump City and the Tower in the background.)
Panel 2
(Tim is fixing his earpiece with his metal manipulation powahs.)
Panel 3
(The closeup shows Tim's notebook, filled with details on the supers he's targeting. WINK.)
Panel 4
Panel 5
(A glowing cuff appears on Taboo's wrist. Tim is walking away but I forgot to draw him. OOPS.)
Panel 6
(Tim reaches the threshold of his distance from Taboo, and a binding thread appears between their cuffs that can't be separated/removed because MAGIC. It links them together. They're stuck together. [/demo])
Panel 7
(Tim attaches the gem to his belt)
Panel 8
Panel 9
(Taboo summons her tattoo creatures)
Panel 10
(Outside the abandoned barn they're in, the tattoo creatures disperse.)
Panel 11
(The gem glows.)


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WritingInTheSky's avatar
This looks fantastic and a great kick off to the comic! 

LilBluestem's avatar
Thank you so much! :dummy:

I was randomly browsing the comic pages and peoples' comments and discovered that I'd never replied to this one? How silly of me. Forgive the months-late reply. xD
WritingInTheSky's avatar
hahaha that's fine, random browsing wins out this time!
Hannah-Little's avatar
Urma ger...JUST noticed you put Salamander in the little book 8D <3
LilBluestem's avatar
Hehehe yep! C:<
Hannah-Little's avatar
*rolls happily*
Vesta:....thanks Hannah.
BomBright's avatar
So cool! Sorry I didn't comment earlier. Tim's so nefarious. -rubs hands together- Ohh and you added Taboo? Nice touch. The entire thing is great, but dem Tim-centric panels are flawless.
LilBluestem's avatar
It's alright!! Tim is the most nefarious. >xD This is fun. And I had to add Taboo! They're kind of an item, even though he'd throw her away any day to get what he wants. He's kind of an ass. So it should be noted that if Taboo is found out, any Titan/villain who tries to use Taboo as leverage against Tim will faaaail. No strings attached. (Although that would piss Taboo off.)

Thank yoou. :tighthug:
MaiaCarlson's avatar
Can't wait to see the next page!! I like the second from the leg panel on the bottom best - her eyes are so striking! I'm jealous - I've been meaning to write a comic for ages!!!
LilBluestem's avatar
Ohh!! xD Thank you!! I'm trying to color it in my spare time. The next page has been drawn!! (I updated the comments.) It's a round robin, so another artist will draw every page. It's going to be fun. :la:
Linzerj's avatar
Oh heck yeah, its finally going down!! Woohoo!!
I just hope there's enough villains/antiheroes to match with the Titans, or else Titans who don't particularly like each other will have to start pairing up too...!
LilBluestem's avatar
Yeah! I'm sure the numbers will work out--not too worried! :nod: Plus, who knows where this plot is going! Maybe some of the other characters will get pulled into the mess some other way later on. I don't know! But I know I'm excited to see it all unfold. c: :la:
Linzerj's avatar
True, true... either way I'm really looking forward to seeing this thing take off!!
Hannah-Little's avatar
sub>Yes....8U Yess!!!!
LegionGUA's avatar

Welp, I'm not even in this Round Robin, and already my mind is ":nuu:!". Tim has the plan! This is going to be great. Also what is wrong with working with traditional materials? ¬.¬
LilBluestem's avatar
EEeehehehehe yeeeees. :la: I'm so exciteeeed.

Nothing's wrong with it! D: Haha. I'm just bitter because I had a nice page in PaintTool SAI that I was going to finish the DAY my computer fried, so a black-and-white page felt cheaper. :c Although I'm kind of glad my computer fried, because I have to admit that I like the way this page turned out much better, even if it's not colored and the lines aren't all speshul and smooth...
Feiring's avatar
YEAAAH, I'm so hyped for this!! Let's get this show on the road! :D

It's a beautiful page, btw; I love love love the first panel of the last row.
LilBluestem's avatar
YEEEESSS. :icongianteagerplz: I'm so excited (and yeah, a little nervous, because TIM MY BABY!) to see where this goes from here!

Thank you muchly! c: I tried hard to draw it well and give lots of details, since I had to draw it traditionally...
LueniTitan's avatar
Dude. This is awesome. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED. :la: Finally the party is starting.
But seriously, this is dedication. I would have never been able to do a traditional page as readable as your's.

My bebe Caerus is supposed to be treated with extreme caution c: I'm so proud.
LilBluestem's avatar
OH, BUT MY MOM GAVE ME HER OLD EXTERNAL MONITOR, SO NOW I CAN sortof USE MY COMPUTER! Albeit with much inconvenience. But I was so close to being done with the traditional page that I went ahead and finished that one. I'm not going to try and use my tablet with this setup. My screen and colors are all warped. :I
LueniTitan's avatar
Does this mean chatrooms are back?
LilBluestem's avatar
LilBluestem's avatar
LUE, MY DARLING. :la: Thaaanks. xD I specifically bought nice paper and liners from the ONLY art store here in Small Town, KS (which was a 20 minute drive from SUPER Small Town, KS, where I actually live) to assist my efforts. Because I wanted it to be detailed. And... And... No computer. :'c

You should be. So. Proud. Of your bebe. Tim is afraid of him.

But Caerus doesn't have night vision. And Tim is summoning them all on the cusp of night. :eyes:
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