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The Journals of Eleanor Wigget: Entry 5
That’s the last time I ever let B’Elanna sleep in the same bed as me. I wheezed myself awake about an hour after I fell asleep, complete with itchy, swollen eyes and a rash on my neck and cheek. Never again.
Other than that, I slept okay. Okay being the operative word. Nothing else woke me up, but I did have some nightmare-ish dreams – mostly flashes of that stupid gun and stupid fucking Silver wielding the gun and then Proton, lord of Stupid, showing up in Queen of Hearts dresses and sentencing me to a decapitation. In other words, really fucking weird dreams that tried to be nightmares and sometimes succeeded.
Seriously, what’s the point of dreams? If they’re supposed to be little movies that play in your head to entertain you while you sleep, they fail at it. My dreams have plotholes, bad characters, and horrible storylines. And why the hell was Silver in them anyway? Trespassing in my dreams like that.
Whatever. It doesn’t matter anyway. The poin
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The Journals of Eleanor Wigget: Entry 4
Ow, my everything. Union Cave was murder on my feet, which I expected, but everything else? Thanks, life. Not necessary. My feet. My back. My arms, my fingers, my fucking skin… This is ridiculous. I’d quit, but I have a team of evil, neurotic morons to destroy because our police force fucking sucks. I’d sue them for being ginormous assholes, but something tells me it wouldn’t work. So I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way, by kicking their asses until they give up and go to jail quietly. Violence is the only language these idiots can understand anyway.
Do you know what they did? Of course you don’t. You’re a book full of blank pages. So I’ll just have to write it down so that you know.
They took over Slowpoke Well in Azalea.
They. Are the ones. That are mutilating slowpoke. In the dubious name. Of money.
That alone would be enough to piss me off, but then they have the nerve to point a gun at my head.
(Spoilers: I s
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The Journals of Eleanor Wigget: Entry 3
What the hell is wrong with people?
Offering fucking slowpoke tails to people like they’re some sort of fucking delicacy! What the hell? “Hey, you wanna buy this tail that I chopped off the butt of a slowpoke? It only cost a million dollars!” No, fuck you. There’s a special place in hell waiting for you, asshole.
Breathe, Ellie. If you’d beaten him up, you’d have gone to jail. Technically – ugh, I can’t believe I’m writing this – technically mutilating slowpoke isn’t illegal. Even if it does make me want to puke. And unleash my wrath on the asshole(s? I swear to Arceus, if there’s more than one…). And possibly pepper spray.
And this is only one of many reasons why I’m a vegetarian. I mean, we eat magikarp. And that’s sickening. I don’t understand how people can train pokémon and then go and eat them. Ugh. Ew. Besides, veggies are good for you
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The Journals of Eleanor Wigget: Entry 2
Why is it that before I had pokémon walking back and forth between New Bark and Cherrygrove was a simple matter of walking, and now that I’ve got one I can’t go three feet without tripping over a rat or a bird? What’s the storytelling element? Dramatic irony?
Whatever it is, it’s annoying.
And I couldn’t stop sneezing thanks to my new acquisitions and their platoon of furry and feathered friends. Fuck this day that started bad, went to worse, and then just kept on going off the rails.
I guess they aren’t all bad. At least Beverly isn’t an allergen factory, even if I caught her by mistake.
And that last sentence is going to confuse the hell out of me when I go back and read this entry in five or so years, so I should probably start from the beginning. The middle. Wherever it was I left off last time.
Right. Lunch.
After the most tasteless sandwich of my life – though to be fair, I’m pretty sure chocolate cake would have tasted
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The Journals of Eleanor Wigget: Entry 1
Property of Eleanor Wigget
Read and Die
I'm only mostly kidding.
This day. For the love of Arceus, this day.
Seventeen years old, fully capable of making my own choices, and my mom decides to rent me out as an Elm-errand-runner. Which of course then leads to getting manhandled by a soulless creeper, getting a freaking pokÚdex – thanks for that, Oak of the Radio Show my mother listens to religiously – and having my entire life ruined for the foreseeable future because now I have to go challenge the stupid gym leaders.
Yeah. I kid you not, journal. Have to. Forced to.
Let it be known that I, Eleanor Wigget, am doing this against my will.
And if anyone ever actually reads that I might actually have to kill them. Protection of privacy and all that, you understand. Nothing personal.
Anyway. Let’s get on to the important stuff, shall we? Mom turning me into a rent-a-cop. Mom and Elm are old friends, so whenever Elm has something he wants doing he goes
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Calluses prevented her hand from being soft and dainty. It was the mark of a farmer, of a magician. Somebody who spent their time holding onto and polishing staves, harvesting crops, and climbing trees was never going to have delicate hands. Sure, they were small, but they were the hands of a worker. And they were blue to boot. Green wasn’t unusual, pale peach was the norm, but blue? Blue was an impossibility, something strange and unheard of.
Blue was different.
And blue was beautiful.
On the other hand, nothing about his hands spoke of working the fields or magic use. No, his hands were smooth and unscarred, built for holding delicate tools and handling minute measurements to create the perfect medicine. They were the hands of a healer; gentle, and though large, unassuming. Despite his clumsiness, it was a rarity for his hands to be injured. They were his greatest tool, and he had to keep them safe. Pale and soft, they were unusual in type, but not in color.
Pale was normal.
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Who Heals the Healer?
Blood. Lots of blood.
It stained his clothing, flecked across his face in measles, and puddled at his side. Dominique swallowed both the bile that rose in her throat and the paralyzing fear and worry that had attacked her and forced herself to approach him slowly. “Dexter?” she whispered, hand on his shoulder as she knelt in front of him. “Come on, Dexter, please wake up. Please.”
Her hand traveled to his face and her thumb worked to try to get the blood off. Succeeding only in smearing it, she stopped, shaking. “Dexter. Dexter.”
“I have your stick – oh gods.” Dominique didn’t need to look at Fie to know that the brunette was struggling with keeping her breakfast where it belonged. Still, her friend approached warily, audibly swallowing. “I really don’t think arms are supposed to bend that way,” Fie finally muttered from around her left elbow, a finger coming into view as she gave Dexter’s mangle
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Thirty Sentences of Seed
01 Evidence
She didn’t mean to spy on him, really she didn’t, but when he drew the blue feather out from his sleeve and twirled it between his fingers, she blushed violet and knew she’d been caught.
02 I’m Here
It wasn’t so much that he was there, but he was there for her and that made all the difference in the world.
03 Funeral
The discovery of a dead sparrow had Dexter digging a small grave underneath the plum tree west of Celastin, Dominique murmuring softly over the mound of earth, and Fie rolling her eyes at the pair of them.
04 Puppy Love
Having spent more time around Dyce than was probably healthy, Fie knew the difference between puppy love, the need to flirt with anyone who was mildly attractive, and love – and what those two had was love, even if they didn’t know it yet.
05 Gloves
Midwinter was usually such an awful holiday that Fie honestly didn’t expect Dominique to hand her a pair of new glov
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Elementals by Lilbluebox Elementals :iconlilbluebox:Lilbluebox 5 8 Genderbending? by Lilbluebox Genderbending? :iconlilbluebox:Lilbluebox 1 6 Forever Alone Akira by Lilbluebox Forever Alone Akira :iconlilbluebox:Lilbluebox 4 13


Gritty Girls by SirTiefling Gritty Girls :iconsirtiefling:SirTiefling 857 104 Dad's Flower Crown by jammythewerewolf Dad's Flower Crown :iconjammythewerewolf:jammythewerewolf 3 0 Sunset Birds by jammythewerewolf Sunset Birds :iconjammythewerewolf:jammythewerewolf 2 2 Formal Merek by HeSerpenty Formal Merek :iconheserpenty:HeSerpenty 13 8 The Back o' Beyond Flower Symbolism by jammythewerewolf The Back o' Beyond Flower Symbolism :iconjammythewerewolf:jammythewerewolf 6 0 Rose of Sepulcre by jammythewerewolf Rose of Sepulcre :iconjammythewerewolf:jammythewerewolf 3 0 Oh No They're Adorable by Junoro Oh No They're Adorable :iconjunoro:Junoro 6 4 You Have Your Father's Eyes by Junoro You Have Your Father's Eyes :iconjunoro:Junoro 3 0 Safe Together by HeSerpenty Safe Together :iconheserpenty:HeSerpenty 15 4 Together Again by Quite-Witty Together Again :iconquite-witty:Quite-Witty 238 26 Fire by jammythewerewolf Fire :iconjammythewerewolf:jammythewerewolf 4 2 Silk and Sword Promo by jammythewerewolf Silk and Sword Promo :iconjammythewerewolf:jammythewerewolf 4 0 Zev... Zev. by rooster82 Zev... Zev. :iconrooster82:rooster82 479 42 Little Help, Please by HeSerpenty Little Help, Please :iconheserpenty:HeSerpenty 14 4 Brothers by Apetron Brothers :iconapetron:Apetron 12 6 Uncle and Nephew by HeSerpenty Uncle and Nephew :iconheserpenty:HeSerpenty 8 10


Neither of them like dressing up in formal outfits, but it's not so bad when you can share a dance.

Merek and Zara are from HeSerpenty's webcomic Serpents of Old! Her comic and other art can be found here :iconheserpenty: 
My hopefully-adorable silver serpent for :iconheserpenty: and her webcomic, SoO! This was my first time using firealpaca and pretty much my first time really using a tablet - certainly the first time I ever finished something properly using one! So I'm pretty proud of this, even if you can definitely see my learning curve on this thing.

Yes, Zara's eyeless. Don't worry, she can navigate with her other senses just fine. :]


She Who Shall Not Be Serious
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Now, this is just a very rough plan because as we all know, I suck and should not be relied on when it comes to art. 

1. Pokemon sketches. Because Pokemon are awesome. 
2. Gijinka nuzlocke eventually. I WILL do this. I just kinda want a scanner before I do this because scanners are INFINITELY better than my stupid camera/tablet.
3. Original character sketches.
4. For an original comic that I may or may not post here; we'll see. I guess if you guys want to see it on DA I could post it. Again, gonna want a scanner before hand though, so... may be a while.
5. And I guess I could continue uploading the Eleanor Wigget Journals if anyone's still interested.
(Secret 6. Totally going to put in an application for PKMNation when they open up in June. :])
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  • Reading: Library books.
  • Playing: Pokemon



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