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One Day We'll Be Great Friends
Hazy Hug had been sitting alone on the swing, minding his own business. Like he usually does. He would've liked to hang out with someone but he didn't feel like approaching anyone. He didn't wanna force them to like him.
A pink filly trotted up and sat on the swing beside him, using her pegasus wings to push herself. Maybe he could do that with his bat wings.
Filly: Hey there little dude!
Is she talking to me...? Yeah. Who else would she be talking to?
Hazy: ...Hello there miss.
The mare stopped her swing and stood up.
She's gonna leave. Of course.
Filly: I'm Stormsong. You can call me Stormy. Want me to push ya?
Hazy: Um... Sure... My name is H-Hazy Hug.
The filly grabbed on to the swing and flew up into the air, making it rise up before she let go.
Woah! Hazy thought. She's strong!
Stormy: There ya go, Hazy Hug!
Hazy: Thank you, Stormsong-- Err, Stormy
She went and sat on the swing, swinging herself once again. The two swung for a while until Hazy got tired and stopped himself with his back hooves. Stormy stopped too.
Stormy: Sooo... What are you?
Oh no. She thinks I look weird.
Stormy: I-I mean, not trying to be rude or anything. Those paws look awesome!
Stormy: And the little horns... The- THE WINGS!
She flew more close to him and stared at Hazy's wings. Her eyes were big and interested.
Stormy: Those are so freakin' awesome! I wish I had those! I'd look so cool!
Hazy: Erm... Those are bat wings, I-I'm a dra... Draconeg... Drecun... Err.. My dad is Discord.
Stormy: The tall guy with all those animal parts? Cool!
Hazy: Y-yeah...
Stormy: I like him. He looks awesome.
Hazy got down from the swing and stood on his paws/hooves.
Hazy: Thanks..
I thought she'd judge him...?
*bell rings to go back inside
Stormy: Ah! Time to go back in! Cmon, Hazy Hug!
Hazy: Okay...!
She hopped up in the air and started to fly towards the school
Stormy: I have a good feeling about you, Hazy. I think we're gonna be great friends one day.
Hazy Hug | NextGen
>heavily copied by lopoddity

Hazy Hug
"I-I'm not mean! Sometimes when something bothers me... I act weird for a second... But I'm good! I promise!"
Parents: Fluttershy, Discord
Species: Draconequus/Male
Build: Short, A Tiny Bit Chubby
Special Talent: Caring for animals
Occupation: N/A
Nickname(s): Hazy (from anyone), Hazy-boo (by parents only)
Born/Residing in Ponyville

Hazy Hug is and forever will be an only child, since Fluttershy doesn't wanna have to give birth to another draconequus. Hazy has always wanted a sister though and usually treats his best friend Stormsong like one.

Hazy really likes his mom's animals and often helps her take care of them, and even adopted some bunnies of his own, hence the cutie mark.

He's also really kind like his mother and uses his manners but at the same time outgoing and even daring at moments. But, like all ponies, he does have a flaw. When Hazy is mad, sad, or even in a stressful situation, he can't control his magic. Y'know, draconequus magic. When he's happy and normal he doesn't even know how to use it, making Fluttershy and Discord assume that he wasn't born with any. But, when he was still a small colt, one of Fluttershy's rabbits had run away. This made Hazy Hug sad, and before he knew it he was flying and strange purple flames were coming out of his paws. This makes Hazy not want to be sad or angry... Or anything bad, really. The only friend that knows about his magical breakdowns is Stormsong. Other than that, Hazy is usually happy.

    Hazy as a very close bond with his parents. Ever since he was a small colt, they always supported him and told him to do what his heart tells him to do. 

    He also has his best friend in the whole wide world, Stormsong. She's seen him in his ups and his downs, and as his parents, was always there to support him. As said before, she's the only one of his friends that have seen his breakdowns, but it has only brought them closer together.

--More Soon--
Stormsong | NextGen
>heavily copied by lopoddity

"Hey! I ain't no pretty little perfect princess!"
Parents: Princess Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash
Species: Pegasus/Female
Build: Tall, Thin
Special Talent: Flying, Singing
Occupation: N/A
Nickname(s): Stormy (from anyone), Singer (by parents only)
Born/Residing in Ponyville

    Stormsong is an only child of her mothers Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Because of this, they were both very protective of her. Of course, Stormsong didn't like this because it limited her ability to go out with her friends, but as she grew up her two mothers both decided she'd be okay on her own.

Stormsong is very, very fast, just like her mother Rainbow Dash. But, while Stormsong does like to fly and feel the wind brush through her hair, she's a bit more focused on her other talent, singing. Stormsong first discovered she was good at singing when she and her other friends had heard that there was gonna be a talent show at her school. All of her friends were gonna sing, so she decided she'd sing too. When she had gotten home she went into her room she practiced singing songs for hours. Of course, her parents heard her and told her she really was good at singing. She didn't win the talent show, but she was still proud of herself for figuring out a new thing she could do.

Though she does still like to race her mom from time to time. Stormsong is a bit competitive nowadays, which encourages her to go as fast as she can. Most times Rainbowdash beats her, but some days Stormsong wins. She is also a bit cocky like her mother too-

Stormsong's personality is a lot like her mothers. Cocky? Check. Brave? Check. Eager? Check. But she is nice and understanding. She tries not to go too overboard with her self-confidence and tries to make it just as equal to her kindness.

   Stormsong always enjoyed the company of her mothers Rainbow Dash and Twilight. Rainbow's stories about the wonderbolts and all the tricks they needed to do always made Stormy want to join them at that exact moment, while Twilight's lessons about friendship and all the things she and Rainbow needed to battle or reform was like watching a movie.

   She also has the draconequus she trusts most, Hazy Hug. She tells him all the juicy stuff there is to know, like Stormy's secrets etc. But she also knows his secret, that he doesn't know how to control his draconequus magic. Nobody except for her and his parents knows about it, and Stormy tries to support him in all the ways she can.

--More Soon--


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