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Raleway rainmeter skin

Alright, here it is. My first rainmeter skin. I tried to keep it minimalistic so there wasn't too much for me to screw up, but I probably broke something anyways. You'll have to tell me what it is.


I made some requested changes to the music player, it now displays the album art, which can be clicked to play/pause, and has a progress bar. Enjoy!

You'll need to download the Raleway font, which is free and available here: [link]

the background used in the preview is available at: [link] in any size you could possibly want.
All the variables are stored in one file in the variables folder, so you can easily change the color or font of all the elements at once. Yay simplicity!!!!!!
Big thanks to Faulkner 16 for his retro enigma desktop [link] which I used the icons from, and recycled some code.

EDIT: fixed the download link. Durr.
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The regexp to get the weather temp and desc don't work anymore. Do you have some idea why? Did the some changes on their site?

Error Message is like this:

RegExp matching error (-1) (raleway\Weather\weather.ini - [MeasureWeatherRSS])

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This stopped working for me yesterday. For anybody still using this, the URL for changed. Check the weather.ini text file.

If you currently have:


Change it to:


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Worked like wonders! Thank you so much.

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This url isn't working. Please help if you can. URL=*&unit=f&dayf=6

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It's so cute, I love the text. I was a little confused about the installation (I'm new to Rainmeter) but the other comments helped. Thanks for all your hard work!
Where can I download this skin?
How do i make it display the weather in my area? I cant seem to get it to work.
Love this skin however after updating the Weather code in the I am getting the following error: 

DBUG (10:59:18.330) raleway\Weather\weather.ini: Reading file: C:\Users\akasoldats\OneDrive\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\raleway\Weather\weather.ini
DBUG (10:59:18.336) raleway\Weather\weather.ini: Reading file: C:\Users\akasoldats\OneDrive\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\raleway\Variables\
DBUG (10:59:18.345) : ProxyServer="/auto" (type=PRECONFIG, handle=0x0000000000CC007C) UserAgent=Rainmeter WebParser plugin
DBUG (10:59:18.351) raleway\Weather\weather.ini - [MeasureWeatherRSS]: Fetching:…
ERRO (10:59:19.447) raleway\Weather\weather.ini - [MeasureWeatherRSS]: RegExp matching error (-1)

Any ideas. 

how do i download?
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A couple questions from a first time Rainmeter user:

How do I go about changing the font colour? I have a night time wallpaper, and the skin would (obviously) be more visible in white.  I tried to change it once before, and all I got was a big white square to the side of the weather widget.
How do I go about changing the settings so that it doesn't sit on top of everything? Raleway seems to like being front and center. :XD:
for some reason reddit is the only rss feed it can read all the others just don't show up, am i doing it wrong or what?
For some reason apostrophes do not show up as apostrophes but as a random set of numbers and other symbols. Why does this happen? Is there a way to fix it?
This is what it looks like:
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you have to add "DecodeCharacterReference=1" under each child measure for the webparser.
I can't get this to pull from CNN news. It won't populate the RSS from there and I can't even get it to direct me to the website once I click on it.
Help please!
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I cannot figure out how to get it to display? (newbie to Rainmeter). I did copy it to the Skins folder and it shows on the Rainmeter right click menu, but will not display on my machine?

Same here, no clue how to make it appear

beautiful! thanks and good job :)
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I have trouble dragging it to where I want, I can't drag it all the way to the left of my screen, and right-clicking sometimes doesn't work either. When I right-click, it right clicks on my desktop and not the app. Really love the design though :)
i didn't get the link from to download this theme??
I cant get the weather working someone plz help
hey bro, nice skin, I love it, but how can I change music player to wmp instead of itunes, thanks :)
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how do i change the font ?? :O
some skins are damged... :/
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