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Raleway rainmeter skin



Alright, here it is. My first rainmeter skin. I tried to keep it minimalistic so there wasn't too much for me to screw up, but I probably broke something anyways. You'll have to tell me what it is.


I made some requested changes to the music player, it now displays the album art, which can be clicked to play/pause, and has a progress bar. Enjoy!

You'll need to download the Raleway font, which is free and available here: [link]

the background used in the preview is available at: [link] in any size you could possibly want.
All the variables are stored in one file in the variables folder, so you can easily change the color or font of all the elements at once. Yay simplicity!!!!!!
Big thanks to Faulkner 16 for his retro enigma desktop [link] which I used the icons from, and recycled some code.

EDIT: fixed the download link. Durr.
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The regexp to get the weather temp and desc don't work anymore. Do you have some idea why? Did the some changes on their site?

Error Message is like this:

RegExp matching error (-1) (raleway\Weather\weather.ini - [MeasureWeatherRSS])