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The Dark Tower from Stephen Kings: The Dark Tower series of books as i had always imagined it.

Rose: (on right) [link]
Roses: (on left) [link]
Tower: [link]
Field of roses (or not as the case may be!): [link]
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The tower itself looks really good, reminds me slightly of the tower of Pisa.

The only slight complaint (and it's not really a complaint, it's just something I find odd) is the unsuitable bed of roses, if that makes any sense. The contrast between a mysterious, dark and menacing tower and a bed of roses is a bit off in my opinion.

Great art tho. Keep up the good work.

Pleasant days and pleasant nights

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I'm seeing this all over the web at the moment without attribution. Is it yours? It's wonderful xoxoxox
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Childe Roland to the dark tower came.
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WOW!That image is amazing! I'm starting book 7 now and it's incredible!
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The dark tower in the middle of Can'-Ka No Rey... Eh... Love it!
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very nicely done, really comes close to how imagined the tower myself!
Any chance to get prints?
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just.....dont go in the top.....D:
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Fantastic! I love the contrast between the colorful rose and the stark beauty of the tower!
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Ouaw !! Je trouve que en plus ça colle a la description du livre !!
Bravo !!
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Truly wonderful. You have not forgotten the face of your father :)
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This is beautiful.

Do you mind if I edit it for a banner (for a DT-fanworks community I'm setting up on LJ)? I'll credit.
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Wow. It teh best.
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Isn't that the Tower of Babel? :o

In any case this is bitchin', especially that background. Most pictures of the Tower don't quite capture the magnitude of the thing ( pretty much canon but shut up), which I also like very much.

My criticism is the field of roses looks very off. It might be stylized, but, eh, still draws the eye away from the rest of the awesome piece.
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Hello, your work has been featured here --> [link]
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That is so amazing I have just finished the books and that is just how I imagined it as well


I'm a half human half dragon monster called Tamron Dragonrider
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