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...and good ol' Aveline couldn't use a gal pal.

Since I get asked that a lot: the guy in the dark robes is Arno, the Assassin from the upcoming game Assassin's Creed Unity. Info on him is scarce other than he lives in Paris during the French revolution. A few blurry screencaps and short teaser trailer is all we have of him at the moment.

Ya know, it was really only supposed to be sorta welcome-to-the-family thing until I realized Haytham and very upset Aveline were sporting the same pose next to each other. All in all, it ended having a little different message and much better looking Aveline (seriously, who came up with that hat). I'm real glad about it coz she's a sweetheart and I can't believe I haven't drawn her before. Maybe it had something to do with her game being released for a console I didn't even own. Maybe. I'm tend to be real mad about anyone trying to force me into buying something I don't even need.

I don't know if me drawing Edward only while drinking is going to be a thing. It certainly is a thing at the moment XD But damn, doesn't he look good.

Btw, in no way am I complaining about another male protagonist. As stated before, the message is accidental coz I had to have Aveline doing something other than holding her arms crossed. When I start complaining, and someday I will (just not now coz I'm not ready for the shitstorm), you'll know it.

Oh, and in case you have some smart interpretations about Aveline's speech bubble, don't bother. It's darker coz it's a side comment. If it were light blue it would distract the eye too much.

All concerning about missing arms and other important stuff go to shut the hell up, I spent much too long on it anyway. And if that's really a problem imagine it's an orgy where  everyone is groping each other. I give a damn.
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FeatherflamestarStudent General Artist
I'm pretty sure the only people who took being an Assassin very seriously were Altair, Ezio, and Connor. Everyone else is either joking around too much or a Templar. *Cough* I'm looking at you Shay *cough cough*
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FeatherflamestarStudent General Artist
(But Shay was my favorite because of his attitude so... yeah...)
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She may get  to know kassandra, evie says and shao jun
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Angel-Cat16Hobbyist Artist
Ezio's expression of face made me die of laugh X"DD. Hahaha nice work!! :D
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LilayMStudent Filmographer
Thank you <3
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MLG-History908Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my XD
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Poor Aveline, pretty sure she would like Shao Jun.
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DamianWayne-RobinHobbyist Digital Artist
how about evie?
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Forgot about her, I'm sure they would get along just fine.
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KCupPossibilitiesHobbyist Digital Artist
I love Evangeline XD Ezio, Connor, Altair, and Evangeline are my favorites.
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NeoMatrix000Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry Aveline, Ariela and Sara-Beth can keep you company :)
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KitTheCat113Hobbyist General Artist
Edward ya butt =3
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CutLarpStudent Artist
quick, Evie get over here!
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Just wondering, where's Shay from Assassin's Creed Rogue? I know he technically is Templar but Haytham's always included and he actually helped Shay turn full Templar. I'm at least happy that Aveline was included.
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LilayMStudent Filmographer
I believe that at the time this was created and posted Assassin's Creed Rogue was known as Assassin's Creed Comet and little else was known save for it would be for old gen, starring a templar. Arno looks are deduced from screenshots leaked at that time.

And yeah, no, Shay fits the bill. He was an Assassin. To some point anyway.
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Oh, okay, that makes sense. I wonder about the new Assassin's Creed Syndicate characters and story.
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I have a feeling Ezio and Arno wouldn't get along. You know, the whole French vs. Italian thing? With a bastard whose name I won't say *cough**cough*Cesare*cough**cough* and his french army.
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LilayMStudent Filmographer
Somehow I think that they are both Assassins first - any bias would be unprofessional and very closed-minded. At least nationality-based bias.
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hah plus arno looks like ezio, they're related right? like with desmond right?
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LilayMStudent Filmographer
Not sure, they might be. Probably says that in the wikipedia xP

Then again, I feel like AC came up with a stock hot-white-dude model and keeps reusing that. coughcoughAltairlookswhitecoughEzioEdArnoJacobcoughcough

I don't even know if I should be complaining.
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