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Vampire Dragon

This piece I painted using my own blood.

More to come, enjoy~ c:

unedited -  Vampire Dragon Unedited by LiLaiRa
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RadioactivePotato123's avatar
How did you paint with your own blood ?!:o (Eek) 
majority of the comments here are weird but I find this cool! i've heard of other artists doing it before but I never expected this from you haha

FuzzyMaro's avatar
Niezwykła praca...tylko ciekawe jak się będzie prezentowała po czasie. Zabezpieczysz ją jakoś? Bo niefajnie żeby wyblakła :C 
Username-91's avatar
Why this has a Mature filter? It's not that scary, it's watercolors, to be honest. :shrug:
Varinki's avatar
Because it is made from blood and some people will kick off about it.
Username-91's avatar
I've seen pictures twice as brutal than this and nobody reported them by requesting a mature tag. I find this stupid. :wtf:
Varinki's avatar
Some people get triggered by to most insignificant things.
may be insignificant to you but i mean, have empathy man
Uwnycorne's avatar
does it stink ? 
M-00NY's avatar
h.. how did you.... why.... what.... i mean its awesome af.... but...
Nanapupu's avatar
I hope you didn't cut yourself for that.
MrsVolv's avatar
Oh dear, the idea of gthering blood for that makes me feel weak. But the effect is amazing - and it's a piece that evolves with time, I believe (changing color, blood getting harder as it dries) ^^
APOKHINN's avatar
Actually that's metal af and really awesome looking ! I hope you'll do more later

Did you do it before or was it your first time ? o:
uniccin's avatar
Oooh this is neat! Which size does it have?
Now I wonder how it feels to paint with blood and how it reacts but I'm too sissy to try, lol.
Really loving the detail on this btw and how dynamic it looks!
You got anything more of this or similar planned?
LiLaiRa's avatar
I believe it's around A5
the blood acts just like watercolours :)

and yes, there is more to come C:
uniccin's avatar
Oh that is quite big (just relieved it isn't A3 tho lol, don't make an A3 please :') ).
Huuh that's interesting. I'm definitely looking forward to the next ones :3
Kagisnad's avatar

that-foxy-wolf's avatar
That’s a lot of blood.... a LOT of blood I hope you’re okay, oh my gosh
Nick5724's avatar
But if it's made with blood, does that mean it bites itself when it's hungry?
Lityrden's avatar
You've got guts to make something this epic *O*
Btw I hope you're okay though in recovery ;w;
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