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The picture of character that appeared in my dream last night.
I decided to draw him and make my demon oc. I may change his name later.

All Rights Reserved Stamp by Blaue-Rose
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I feel like his cheek bones are attracting me....and his smug ass face.
PetalPotions's avatar
is it bad that i'm seriously attracted to this man
LiLaiRa's avatar
You make me want to draw more of him then~
PetalPotions's avatar
definitely do that he is extremely attractive

i would kill to just

smush his face just to see how he'd react
JaquetheLantern's avatar
Awesome! He kinda...reminds me of a redstone block because of the palette you used.
Ovilus's avatar
A little bit of awesomeness here, i little bit there haha you raaaack :P
Ayichii's avatar
omg the hair especially is so awesome!
NotTelling167's avatar
oh! i think we got a runner up on the hotness level. Endy look out he's coming for your spot on top bruh.
Neko-chan66's avatar
Lilka, dokładnie go odwzorowałaś? Czy nie pamiętałaś dokładnie i dorzuciłaś trochę od siebie?
JB-SuperPants's avatar
Just... Just wow. Glorious.
It looks so textured, and the expression and the lines? So much I could say but still words fail me.
Dustfinity's avatar
damn i wish i could dream about such.. cutie characters |D I think a more fitting name would be something that starts with R (Rhaan?) for some reason, but i guess it varies depending on his personality.. Anyways, I love his palette, I have a weak spot for ocs with white hair
DanaJ-B's avatar
He looks awesome. I do that sometimes! Beautiful drawing, I love his hair!
D00FENSTAR's avatar
Jest cudowny! Śliczny design. Wspaniałe, że sny mogą być tak inspirujące
Miyukyu's avatar
what a sexy demon~
 Them eyebrows 
Snowvoice's avatar
rawwwrr =~= that dirty smile...

Can we make suggestions O.O) / ?
Velkss's avatar
Yes yes yes yes yes yes


CadoAva's avatar
omg he looks so good >w<
chuchub's avatar
you are literally the master <3 teach me senpai!
Gerrerro's avatar
Nice how you just can remember such things! I bet its very inspiring having such dreams. 
Back than i allwas wrote the stuff i dreamd ... like a dreamdairy!
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