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Sexy, and I have the same kind of character xD. Shark teeth, horns, smug face =3
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i love his eyes XD he looks amazing 
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Omg those eyes
Sorry Ima do this too :iconsqueeeeplz:
RoseDragonfire's avatar
He's a total BaMF. :)
His grin really creeps me out, lol! It makes me think of Tzekel-Kan's grin from "The Road to El Dorado." *shivers*
caedem's avatar
oh no i love him
FuzzyMaro's avatar
Świetna praca :D 
E-challenger's avatar
He's sexy. But his monster form is even sexier!winky icon for DA Loki's wink 
OlinemJestem's avatar
Hehehehe, uwielbiam takie rogate i zębate z wrednymi wyrazami twarzy :evileyes:
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you are my master and inspiration
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Oh god I love this, reminds me a bit of Murdoc for some odd reason. ;) Probably the tongue.
TheBrainforest's avatar
Man, I thought the exact same thing!
.....Except this guy isn't NEARLY as nasty or pickle-like as Murdoc, haha Wink/Razz 
Eden-West's avatar
Rofl! 'Pickle like' xD very true. What can I say, anyone with sharp teeth and long tongues are great. <3
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oh man thats one handsome demon dude
bigbubbleHL's avatar
.... <3 *speachless*
The-Sin-Kid's avatar
-gentle sobbing- 
I love this, your amazing as ever
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What I must do when I want to ask for a commission? (Sorry my English is .... ;-;)
Infectedwaters's avatar
how come youre good at drawing everything ;A;
SHADE-ShyPervert's avatar
She's made of magic~
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