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reference for DShadou 
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Gosh dang this actually gave me chills the first time I looked at it! Everything looks so intricate and beautiful and just hngnhshsnshsg teach me your ways please okay thank you
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Your artwork is so beautiful. Brings me joy to be allowed to see all of it.💕💕
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the cut up body would look awesome as a sculpture
LammIsCool's avatar
broooo ur art is the coolest!!
Whiteraven1995's avatar
Oh my god, this is so gorgeous T-T
HattieShantigaia's avatar
this is possibly one of the most beautiful and creative fursonas i have ever seen! you did an amazing job. I'm a begginer and digital art but i hope that one day i'll be as good as you are.
EnderSlime12's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
I love the character, but there is so much going on. I admire the palette though <3
Vitriscordance's avatar
Wait... if he's vegan, why does he like milkshakes, which have milk?
PaleWitchKnight's avatar
Vegan milkshakes exist :>
BlackWidow1001's avatar
A whole new world~
hellsheep's avatar
frowns upon nudity aaaaand is naked :D
UtorDifferentia's avatar
I'm not sure what species they are (looks like a coral-seahorse-merwolf,) but they're freaking gorgeous. The colors, details, textures, everything are amazing. I wish them the best of luck with their OCD and lots of vegan bonbons.
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SaltySugarySkully's avatar
This is absolutely astounding!
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Oh I saw this livestream without knowing who you are, you are so good. 
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JustDate's avatar
incredible, gorgeous.
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over all I like the color choice but the high amount of extra details is too much, love the colors and textures though and its overall a solid piece. 
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My god, this color....
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