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Feral Vernid Reference and QandA



or ask me a question and it will be added here.

Man this species has like 7 years or something...

Yes, vernids are open species. You can make one for yourself c: or 5.. or as many as your soul desires, I don't mind.
Have fun everybody!

Credit for fixing my bad english goes to the wonderful MonsieurSaboteur Heart Thank you once again Heart
Thanks go also to all of you who offered help! That means a lot <3

Q: But, do they always have forked tongues? 
Yes, they are always forked.

OH goodness i'd love to make one!! do you mind if i tag you when it's finished?
A: Please do tag me! <3

Are Elders closed to creation?
A: no restrictions about the age at all C:

Q: Is it alright if i feature them in my comic? I can credit you for the species idea.
A: It's okay, just be sure to credit me c:

Unless this information has not been planned or is kept closed with the Royal Vernids, do they have any other special traits (fur colour, markings etc) that exists with that specific sub-species? (besides their horns and added scales)
A: They do not have any other special traits.

Q: Are there any ideas that you are against with the creation of a Vernid besides not following the information? For example, a feral Vernid somehow harnessing a source of magic?
A: it depends on the world you set it in c:

Q: is there any limit to the uncommon fur/markings palette of each Vernid? Do you have a set limit on uncommon colors?
A: there is no limit and no restrictions on uncommon colours. Feel free c:

Q: Do you want a link to one I (eventually) create? 
A: Feel free to link them here in the comments or simply note me c:

Q: Are their stripes similar to tigers-in the idea that each has a unique set of stripes?
A: They can be similar to tigers, they can be completely straight or any other type of stripes. Possibilities are almost limitless.

If 30% of the population is homosexual and they mate for life, does that mean vernids can reproduce offspring regardless of what gender they are? males and females can both carry babies? 
A: No, only females can give birth. However homosexual couples often take care of abandoned babies or orphans.

How mobile are their tails?
A: Take fossas as the example c:

Q: OH question: whats the status on horns? only royal or can normal Vernid have small ones?
Only royals can have horns

Question, how intelligent would you say they are if at all? 
Not so inteligent, but perfect predators.

anOTHEr question: can eyes be  heterochromatic? aka each eye is a different color? 
A: They can c:

I have an important question. You say they don't wear jewelry, accessories, etc. but what if someone wanted a vernid as their feralsona. A loooot of people keep their feralsonas (and feral characters) as sentient as their fursonas. It seems that if someone wants to make a feral vernid their personalities need to be dumbed down to a wild animal. I find that confusing. I understand that not having bright colored fur and such (sparklevernid) is a good rule to have because of genetics and keeping the species streamlined, but the whole wild animal thing seems too limiting except to very specific RPs.
It depends on the universe you settle your sona it. If it's completely cartoony world then feel free to make them able to speak and so on. If they do have another character to put their jewelry on it's also ok. But here in the ref we're talking about realistic world of fantasy, and that's why they are rather wild animals than chartoon characters c: Anyway, whatever floats your boat, do whatever you want.

Oh right can they travel in packs of unrelated members. Or is it all family?
A: They usually travel alone around their territory

XD ok I got one for u if u wanted to do a color pallet based off colorful lizards/snakes is it possible or is that still crossing into sparkle territory? 
A: Seems okay to me C:

Can they have slight freckling?? or just stripes??
A: Stripes are mandatory, but more than that other markings are allowed. Although speckles are almost impossible to see on a pure blood vernid. I'd rather reccomend mixing them with some canine or feline breed, for example a mix of cheetah and vernid C:

sorry for the bother but i have a question!! you say their flesh is the same color as paws/ears etc. but the blood is red? would scars be pink/red or the other color?
Blood is Red or Black. Flesh can have whetever colour you want it to be. Scars should rather be the same colour as the flesh.

Q:  are we allowed to design a few and let people claim them? I wouldn't make money or points off of them it will just be for fun. I want to rp a small pack / family since I think that will be really fun. Another thing: Do they give live birth like wolves?
Yes, you are allowed to make adopts with this species c: They do give live birth, and baby vernids eat meat since they are born, they do not need milk. That's why females and males do not have nipples.

I know that the royals are a closed species, but do their horns grow with age or do they stop once the rest of the vernid has reached maturity? I feel like it should be the former based on deer/goats/etc, but I'm just curious!
The horns stop to grow once a vernid reach maturity.

Q: how do Royal species genetics work? example, a regular vernid and a royal vernid breed; what would be the product? 
A: 10% royal, 90% regular

Q: Are mutations a things,like,a blind,deaf vernid or mute vernid?
All of above can possibly happen.

Q: Are there different kinds of stripe patterns? Such as barred, spot-like, or stripes running parallel to the spine? 
A: All kinds of stripes you can think of are correct C:

Is it ok to have a greater or lesser degree of stripey'ness, such as an individual that's covered in stripes, or one with barely any at all?
A: It is deffinitelly okay. Put as many stripes as you want.

What about other markings? Such as darker Siamese like face/limb markings? If so would they be solid, or just denser stripe areas? And what about pie-bald markings? On some cats you see white areas, interspersed with tabby-marked spots. 
A: All kinds of markings are allowed, you can also use gradients, only spotted vernids are unuasual, so if you want to have spotted vernid you better make a hybrid with hyena or cheetah, or any other spotted animal C: 

 Should the eyes be in the same color range as the fleshy bits? (only brighter)
A: There is no colour connection between them, go wild.

Q: Do the "fleshy colors" apply to the skin under the fur too? If so, would scars, or fur-loss in an older animal, reveal the flesh color?
A: Yes, it does apply to the skin, most commonly in the colour of pawpads. So scars should be this colour too.

And lastly, How big are these guys? Like how tall/long are we talkin'?
A: The hight was stated in the ref c: from ground to the head they are from 1,6m up to 1,8m (idk how much it is in inches sorry!)

 Can the stripe markings be in other areas other than the designated ones? I don't mean like all over the place, but kind of like how that white one looks in the royal vernid section, with the white crescent markings on the shoulder? 
You can put the stripes wherever you want as long as you put stripes on the back too~

Do they have to be pure breed? Or can they in fact mix with other _feral_ species in a fantasy world? If so, and if they inherit some trait of the other feral specie (I'm thinking wings...), are they still considered a vernid? Or i this a no-no?
A: As stated in the ref they can mix with all dragon, feline and canine creatures. In this way you can see a vernid mix with cheetah, hyena or a wyvern. The only boundaries is your own imagination in this case C: However you cannot make a mix of a vernid and frog or a vernid and whale. haha holy cow....

Ahhh is there anyway you can get a royal? I LOVE horns so much aa ;o;
A: You can get a royal through adoptables and other sales C:

Will you make a category of the species of others in your favourites ? I want to see the stuff of all the community !
A: Ayyyy :'D I already did! you guys feel free to send me your vernid pictures and I will add them here! -…

 I suppose royal Vernids are pack leader, but can there be more than one royal in one pack ? Or they are at war ?
A: Vernids do not form packs, they are rather type of lone wanderers, but they do form bonds and are strict to their territories. Couples wander together most of the time. Royals just look more like dragons so they are treated with respect and are considered most attractive.

 Is a royal with very little ears is so attractive, finally xD ?
A: Haha! xD less atractive than a royal with long ears, but still! 

 Until what point they are clever ? Are they just like wolves with a pack or can they communicate good and have strategies, community... ?
A: They do not have to hunt together, they are big and strong enough to get food by themselves. They do not form communities, they stay close only with relatives. They attack by jumping down from the trees, out of the bushes and shadows, they are angry stealthy buggers. Very clever while hunting.

Q: Not accessories ? Not even feathers, flowers, or sticks :( (Sad) ?
A: Oh yes! They would love to stick some colourfull stuff in their tail fluff or wherever they can reach with snootles! But still it's very early stage of jewelry :'D haha

If there are albino vernid, are there also melanistic ones as well? And are they killed off in a similar fashion to the vernid affected by albinism?
There is many melanistic vernids. Most of the species actually has a dark coat.

Q: Is it alright to make adoptables or is that restricted? 
A: It's not restricted feel free to make them as long as you follow the rules of the design from the ref C: and I'd appreciate if anyone who want to sell them ask me for permission first, so I can see they are all correct.

 How far and high can they Jump? And Can a male have multiple females(simply harem)?
A: They can jump up to 4meters. Male can find himself in the situation many females are attracted to him but he always choose one to mate with for life.

Q: they remind me of big cats but with lizard-like features ALSO How long do they live?
Ferals can live up to 30 years. Anthro vernids can protect themselves better and prevent dying from disease so their life span is as long as ours.

Q: Do vernids tails have to be lion like or can they be sorta dragon looking. 
You mean thicker? Rather not, but you can always mix some lucky vernid with a dragon to get this result ;3

Q: Odd question: Is their genitalia visible/do they have genitalia?
they are hidden c: just like reptiles have

Q:2 Question about the elders. You say that their fur turns grey. 1)Does this mean certain patches of fur (eg mane,etc) turn grey quicker before other parts? 2)And does it turn completely tone grey,or is it slightly saturated with a slight hue of it's original colour,if that makes sense?
A: 1) Yes, it affects mane and muzzles the most C: 2) Yes, gray fur can have a slight hue but it will fade with time.

I have two questions. Do they have to have strips and can they have an over bite? like if the first or second fangs pop out of their upper or lower jaw?
A: They have to be striped on their back. Yes they can have all kinds of flaws and deformations ^^

Ok, maybe this is an odd question, but do they breath with only their nose, only their tongue, or both maybe? (Sorry if this has already been asked.) I just wondered because they have a forked tongue like a snake, and I know snakes kinda breath with their tongues, if that makes sense?
A: Interesting one! They breathe both ways, wiggling their tongues also lets them get the scent information from environment if that wasn't clear C:

Can they have visable decises? Like Sarcoptic mange, blisters, fungus or inflamed lesions? Or do they have blaster ass immune system? And can they cope with such.
A: Any kind of disease that dogs, cats and reptiles can get works on vernids too. They are not so good fighting diseases.

Q: You said the anthro Vernids are coming soon, are they different from feral in their mannerisms?
A: Not much, they are still quite aggressive, sneaky buggers.

What if they were to be taken as a pet or have experiments done on them and the ended up getting some sort peircings or taken and were used by people for those types of things?
A: Vernids do not exist in our world so it wouldn't be possible, if humans can't travel so far to reach the planet with ecosystem optimal for them. But they can be used by other humanoid race~ That's up to you and your story. I can clearly see them as test or experiment subjects.

Vernids mate for life, but is it possible for them to just breed and not form a bond?
A: Not really.

Q: Right when I read that they make clicks and growls, I immediately thought of the Clickers on The Last of Us :3
A: Didn't play the game yet so I listened to the sounds now here -…;They really do sound very similar!! Just remove the human-like sounds and gasps and it's perfect example of what I had in mind writing it.

Is there a way to tell if a vernid is a male or female if there is no other vernid around to compare?
A: Male Female Head Comparison by LiLaiRa

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Hi, I'm pretty sure I adopted a vernid that wasn't allowed a while back, but I wasn't sure what species it was until I came across this sheet. What do i do?

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The account that made this was deactivated. (I also payed a pretty good price for it)

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Hey hey!

I can give you some color pallets that would be much more suitable for the species that would look more natural than the pallet that your vernid currently has, and you can go forth with the new pallet and have it be perfectly valid according to this sheet.

0Andyish0's avatar

I'm not very sure I'd redesign it, I'm most likely going to delete it, but some palettes for a new vernid would be great!

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Alrighty! I have a Pinterest board full of pallets that would be suitable for vernids, and I also have a site where you can generate color pallets!




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Thanks so much!

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I know vernids can be tamed but when they are small (like babies) and the parents die or abandon the child (pup? Dragonet?) can another creature adopt them and raise them as their own?

SimplyBones's avatar

That should be possible depending on the lore you want to make for them!

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can normal vernids have horns?

FaronBermudaOFFICIAL's avatar

It says many times only royal vernids can have horns

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yeah i know i posted the comment then realized it was already up ^^""""""""

Okay just a thought

Anthro vernid with split tongue and many piercings

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It would be viable!

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Never received a reply in DMs so I'll post it here I guess.

I had a couple inquiries about your Feral Vernids.

1: Is it possible to have an Albino Vernid or something close to it not get killed off by other means, or are they just strictly "not allowed to live"?

2: Can the Vernid be bred with another species (say for example my Lunardi or Somnum Exterreri)? And would horns be possible since my SEs are basically enhanced daemon/wendigos? Or is that trait specifically restricted to royals?

Also, some of my Lunarian subspecies are War Hares (ferals); would that be accepted/possible?

SimplyBones's avatar

I'll answer!

1- Albino vernids are allowed to exist, it's just that they would have a more difficult time of living. (There are plenty of albino vernids, including one that LiLaiRa showed in the above reference.)

2- LaiRa states that vernids can only breed with draconic, canid, and feline species. I assume species that are basted on those are also accepted, but I would not chance crossing vernids with anything but draconic, canid, and feline based species.

EvergreenFeatherson's avatar

I do have a question.

How Tall are Anthro Vernids?

SimplyBones's avatar

I think it's healthy to assume that they can be as tall as normal humans, if not a bit bigger.

I know it says only dragons, canines, and felines can be bred to make hybrids, but can another hybrid be bred to a vernid? Say a puma X deer cross. Would that break any rules?

SimplyBones's avatar

I'm not sure if it would, but I think it would be healthy to assume not. However, a workaround could happen where a deer-like dragon got crossed with a puma and then that cross bred with a vernid.

And I would dearly suggest making that deer-like dragon truly draconic, even if it has no wings. Scales, teeth, all the fun stuff.

teddyboy1der's avatar

If we have a pre-existing vernid character, can we make au versions of them as other closed species? If that species allows it?

SimplyBones's avatar

I would assume so! There is absolutely nothing that says that shouldn't happen.

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