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Avalanche monster form ref

All Rights Reserved Stamp by Blaue-Rose
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He could open cans with that chin
Chaotic-Canines's avatar
Can i like,
Stroke his face 0_0
He's so damn gorgeous!! Well for being a demon ^^
swintah's avatar
Too much sensuality.
Tell me how to do this fucking thing.
DanaJ-B's avatar
He's cute!!! I love his hands
IBGalaxy's avatar
Do you do livestream's/'s?? ;v;
Dustfinity's avatar
She does! :'D she uses Picarto but sometimes she only posts when she is online on Tumblr (or Patreon?)
IBGalaxy's avatar
ask-araknia's avatar
If you follow her and link your email on Picarto, you get notifications of when the people you follow will stream <:
Dustfinity's avatar
Oh I know but I never check my email other than confirm passwords haha |D thanks anyways!
ask-araknia's avatar
Same here tbh 
I get them from my phone
so they just pop up B)
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Muzzydice's avatar
you draw claw hands so great!!!
Empyreaus's avatar
He's perfect ;;;
SirStudMuffin's avatar
Absolutely amazing!
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