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ART FIGHT 2019 - 19 Jeniak

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I have a soft spot for jackelope OCs- this guy is a cutie!!

me encanto tu dibujo uwu esta bien lindo

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oh LOVE this lad
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Big ol' floof paws
Fantelle's avatar
these are so cute aa
Souvillaine's avatar
hahaha 19 artworks for art fight, leaving me quite on the pavement with... 5 xD
 I'm just glad you're on my team!
Chibifoxxylady's avatar
I love the design of this dude!!! What! He's amazing!! I love him ; ;
Zcat91819's avatar
FluUuuuUUUuUffy Feet!
T0byInTheSky's avatar
I love your artstyle so much 
Lookat this boy
snake-wing's avatar
the pose and expressions look so good
i particularly love the eyes !!
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Ugh cute!! ;A; I still don't know what art fight is, but I really wish I had the time for it.
Also, I cannot and will never get over your feets style. Like how does someone make feet look so perfect omg
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Art fight in general is something that a bunch of artists participate in, and usually goes on for a month. You can “attack” someone by drawing a character of theirs and they can “counter” by drawing a chat of yours. The more you draw others’ characters, the more points you rack up for your team, which are counted at the end of the fight.
Hope this helps!
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
OH THAT SOUNDS SO MUCH FUN. ;A; Thank you for the information! Maybe I'll join next year.
thecolorlesscrayon's avatar
No prob! I’m busy too, so I feel the struggle V~V
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
*mutual struggle bussing*
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He's so wonderful I love his design!

Dizzy-Possum's avatar
that fluffy paws I want to touch ;w;
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your art is so expressive and beautifully stylized! :')<3
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Is this an OC if yours? He’s gorgeous!
Ocerie's avatar
they're not mine nor theirs! It belongs to @/Jeniak (:
but yeah, I agree!
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