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Magi ~ The Labyrinth of Magic by LilaaLeluu Magi ~ The Labyrinth of Magic :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 6 0 Alibaba Saluja by LilaaLeluu Alibaba Saluja :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 5 0 Know that I am there and I watch over you always by LilaaLeluu Know that I am there and I watch over you always :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 6 3 I do not fear death. What I fear is doing nothing by LilaaLeluu I do not fear death. What I fear is doing nothing :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 9 3 ... but I think you're good enough for me. by LilaaLeluu ... but I think you're good enough for me. :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 11 0 Until the moon and sun shall meet ... by LilaaLeluu Until the moon and sun shall meet ... :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 5 3 Lunafreya Nox Fleuret by LilaaLeluu Lunafreya Nox Fleuret :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 11 0 This moment will have to be enough ... by LilaaLeluu This moment will have to be enough ... :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 18 3 Lion by LilaaLeluu Lion :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 6 0 Kaneki Ken by LilaaLeluu Kaneki Ken :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 5 0 Shouta boy ... by LilaaLeluu Shouta boy ... :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 1 0 Sketch of myself by LilaaLeluu Sketch of myself :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 1 3 Robe sketch by LilaaLeluu Robe sketch :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 1 0 Black by LilaaLeluu Black :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 8 5 Howl and Sophie by LilaaLeluu Howl and Sophie :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 3 0 Loreane Rea Mirafilia (OC) by LilaaLeluu Loreane Rea Mirafilia (OC) :iconlilaaleluu:LilaaLeluu 2 2


Iwaizumi Hajime | Baby II
Power walking to your apartment you jog up the stairs two coffees in your hand hurriedly unlocking your apartment door, “Home,” you call out. Dropping your bag to the ground kicking off your shoes, you follow the sounds of Benjiro’s giggles down the hall. Poking your head in you smile softly at the sight of Benjiro sitting on the ground next to Iwaizumi slapping his palms on Iwaizumi’s abdomens, Iwaizumi working on the dresser having abandoned his shirt because he was becoming too hot. “Ouch Jiro, I’m going to put you back in the pin if you don’t quit hitting me.” Iwaizumi gently reaches down picking up the diaper-clad infant holding him over his head, “Stop,” he states seriously Benjiro thinking it’s hilarious to be held above Iwaizumi’s head giggles. Smiling softly Iwaizumi sighs, “Mhm yep you’re going to be a hot dad,” your voice rings out he startles looking over to see you leaning against the
:iconezaito:ezaito 99 16
[FFXV] Lunafreya Nox Fleuret by Athena-Erocith [FFXV] Lunafreya Nox Fleuret :iconathena-erocith:Athena-Erocith 819 37 [FFXV]Noctis and Lunafreya by Athena-Erocith [FFXV]Noctis and Lunafreya :iconathena-erocith:Athena-Erocith 1,014 20
one time mistake
Beneath the strobe of lights, the stench of a mix between alcohol and expensive cologne, of bodies dancing grinding against each other to a blasting electronic music, stood a (hair color) beauty behind the bar counter. Expertly fixing drinks to her patrons while exchanging pleasantries every once in a while, all while making sure that their hands were off the merchandise – herself and the drinks.
She handled her drinks with precision, almost like she was dancing with them, producing a mighty show as she goes, never missing a beat to the music, before producing a sweet concoction.
"Hi sweetheart," a voice croons. Looking up from her (hair color) bangs, she found a light-haired lad leaning on the bar counter. "What's a pretty face like you doing in a place like this?"
Side-eyeing him the corner of her lips crooked into a smirk, fixing drinks with practiced ease before putting them on a tray and sliding them to him. "Getting away from jerks like you."
"Ouch, that was cold, (Nickname
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 47 19
birthday date
“Hey, Hajime, can you do me a favor?”

When Iwaizumi told him that they were going out, he honestly thought that he was coming on to him. And how could he not? They went to the bake shop near Kindaichi’s for breakfast, and Iwaizumi actually treated him!
Afterwards, they went to the Sendai Astronomy Observatory, where Oikawa was going to work at months from now, having gone through some strenuous masters abroad.
And to top it all off, they went shopping! Iwaizumi almost never comes with him, even when they were in high school.
Despite the kindness he was showing, Oikawa knew that there was something up his sleeve, there had to be – Iwa-chan wouldn’t just up and be nice to him today, especially today of all dates!
Thus, his conclusion that Iwa-chan was coming on to him.
He even joked him about it all day.
It was almost like he was a kid again, a carefree kid with zero to little care in the world – no responsibiliti
:iconvampimummy:VampiMummy 45 10
reasons why | Ushijima Wakatoshi
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
Warning: Mild angst and profanities!
Eyes drinking in the words, a boy stood there as fear slowly crept up his veins and into his beating heart.
Who knew that I would fall in love with someone like you, Ushijima-san? When you had asked for my attention and confessed to me, I was shocked. I was more than shocked really. I had never thought that a boy like you would actually find me attractive and worth of your company.
If I would be honest, I hadn’t returned your feelings that day. I only answered you because I was scared. You had confessed in front of an audience and I wouldn’t want to embarrass you if I would ever reject your confession.
You knew, didn’t you? You always knew that from the beginning of our relationship, I wasn’t really into it because of my non-existing feelings towards you. Yet, you didn’t care. You had actually given me the space and time I needed.
That is one of the reasons why I liked you, Ushij
:iconbluemarian:BlueMarian 142 21
Till Death Do Us Part (Kuroo Tetsuro x Reader)
Excited with a side of anxiety.
While everyone around you frantically got ready for the ceremony, you quietly sat in a chair consumed in your thoughts. Excited to be marrying the love of your life, Kuroo Tetsuro, after dating for so long. Excited to finally call him your husband. Anxious about the potential mishaps that could happen during the ceremony and during the reception. Anxious as to how everything will pan out after the ceremony is over. Will Tetsuro still love you like he did when the two of you were teenagers? Will he love you when you're all old and wrinkly. Apparently your anxiety was apparent on your face when your father sat next to you with a camera in hand.
"Are you ok?" your father asked as he recorded you.
You nodded your head. "I'm just nervous," you answered honestly. "But I'm also excited! Dad I don't even know where to begin. I'm nervous about what comes after the ceremony, but I'm too excited about the fact that I'm finally marrying
:iconlost-in-paradise666:lost-in-paradise666 26 3
who's hot [oikawa tooru]
note: honestly, I'm not sure what I'm trying to do in this fic 😂 at the very least, I hope it's funny ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ may be crack-ish and ooc, but headcanon that oiks and iwa are down for some girl talk if either of them had a sister /shot
older brother!oikawa tooru x younger sister!reader
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
You were in your older brother's room just hanging out with your brother and his best friend. Nope, just kidding. You were trying to tell your brother something important, but it seems like the volleyball magazine he was reading was worthier of his attention.
"Oi, Tooru."
"Hey, your sister's calling you, Trashykawa," Iwaizumi called, without looking up from the magazine he was reading.
"Hey, onii-chan!"
The brown-haired setter finally looks up. "What is it, my dearest baby sister?" he asks charmingly with a smile.
You puffed your cheeks out in annoyance. "Why do you only notice me when I call you 'onii-chan'?"
:iconpotatingpotato:potatingpotato 81 32
monochromatic. | iwaizumi hajime
after all we’re just dust whirling around the universe.
x. [you never] imagine [d] ( all the possibilities )
you’ve always been told that life is precious and that you should do your best to live a full life. but it seems like no one ever told you what a full life is.
growing up, you thought that just meant doing everything that you wanted to do, and as a child, that was simple.
the list of possibilities was small.
have fun
but as time passed, and you grew older the list did not get any longer; you always got your fill of basic needs so that’s what made life feel full.
but was it really?
x. empty // full  
you’ve always had this aching feeling inside.
like there was something missing from your life.
you enjoyed the simple things.
the list you had in your youth (sleep, eat, play, have fun) was mainly how you got through the
:iconcaeilius:caeilius 42 4
Kuroo x Reader | A Job he disliked
It was a job he disliked.
Kuroo was not a flower person to begin with. And, to most of his aquaintances' surprise, not a romantic one either.
So why would he end up working for a florist ? 
Well, the reasons were rather simple: it payed well and the schedule was not too packed to interfere with his club activities. He never planned it to be his first and last job.
So he started working here.
And he found a new reason to stay here.
He did not want to miss someone.
He did not want to miss you.
It had been over a month since he had acknowledged his attraction toward you. At first, he had refused to accept something so cheesy. However, he had to see it at some point: he was looking forward the time of the day when you passed by the shop, and he found your admiration over the bouquets way too cute.
And that one time when your eyes met through the window, his heart kept pounding until he fell asleep.
You walked by in the evening, probably after school as well. The days you were h
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 45 19
If He Jumped Off a Cliff [Iwaizumi Hajime]
They met through the sheer inelegance of Hajime rushing into the wrong lecture hall for the wrong class on the first day of their third year. He scrambled to the nearest empty seat, and as he did, there was almost an audible sound as relief settled over his form. She stole a glance at him, slightly bewildered.
It wasn’t until half way through the lecture did she feel a renewed sense of unease in the chair next to her. This time, she tilted her head to look, only to find that he was looking right back at her.
Are you okay? She asked in a slightly defensive tone.
Um. He cleared his throat, then paused. She frowned deeper with impatience. Hajime scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. He cleared his throat again and whispered: what class is this supposed to be?
It was Early Modern Art.
He was in accounting.
The next week, he showed up again, and again the week after that. Despite having the seating of the whole classroom to his disposal, he inveterately chose the one next to he
:iconicey-angel:icey-angel 36 15
Lost Princess - ModernAU!LevixReaderxPetra
"Aunty [ f/n ]!! You're here!"
A small child said happily as he started to run toward your direction. You laughed as you lifted the child into your arms, looking at his parents. 
"Thank you again for helping us watch Nathaniel for us, [ f/n ]."
"Its my pleasure. I know how busy you guys have been lately."
You held the child in your hands as he clung onto you, laughing as he was slightly looking through her bag on what you brought today. Petra glanced and tried to stop the child but you simply shook him gently, giving a sign that it was not good for him to do. He pouted and sat there in your arms, still clinging onto you. Levi then came out with a small carry on bag and stood in front of you and Nathaniel.
"Well, I have everything. We should get going Petra. Our meeting might be starting soon."
"Yes, well, we'll be off now. Take care!"
Petra then gave you a quick hug and giving Nathaniel a small kiss on the cheek making him playfully make a sour looking face. You laughed as you wav
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 590 135
Basketball practise with... Takao Kazunari

Takao Kazunari
The people didn’t seem to notice the lone figure standing near the gates of the school. The figure was ghostly pale and was staring forward, not paying attention to anything else. Midorima and Takao walked to the gate. They too, didn’t seem to notice the figure standing near the gates. They didn’t notice it when he stood there, nor when the young man began to move when they came near, nor when Takao walked straight through him. When the duo walked away from the school grounds, the figure followed them, never saying a word nor would they hear him if he did.
‘You’ve been awfully quiet today,’ Midorima decided to break the silence between him and his friend. What he said was true. Takao didn’t laugh as much today, nor did he speak as much, not even when someone broke Midorima’s lucky item. Takao only shrugged, not feeling like responding.
‘What’s wrong with you today
:iconmikorin-kun:Mikorin-kun 27 7
HQ - (Kuroo + Kenma) Arabian clothing by Evil-usagi HQ - (Kuroo + Kenma) Arabian clothing :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 693 13
Too Early |Daddy! Kuroo Tetsurou x Mommy!Reader|
         Kuroo groaned as he slowly woke up. Without needing to see the weak light attempting to filter through the blinds on the window, he knew it was far too early for him to be awake. Especially on these rare few days off. Rolling over in bed, he fumbled around for his phone on the night stand and groaned even louder as the bright back-light blinded him.
     8:47 am.
     The numbers stared back at him mockingly until the seven changed into an eight. For the third time that morning, Kuroo groaned and buried his face in between his two pillows. Despite how exhausted he felt, there was no way his body was going to let him fall back asleep. He was already wired as it was, so he pushed back the covers and got out of bed. You weren’t lying next to him when he checked and, figuring you were most likely in the bathroom, he made his way towards it.
     When he found it empty, Kuroo frowned and made his way to the
:iconchanson-de-sirene:Chanson-de-sirene 132 13
Mature content
Betting Games // Sawamura Daichi x Reader :iconbookerror:bookerror 65 15



LilaaLeluu's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Helloo~ ♥
My name is Lily. I'm 19 years old and live in Germany.

~ ♥ devoted Cosplayer! ♥ ~
I love to try a lot of new things out. I'm a student at a graphic design school and I am cosplaying since 2014. I'm quite lazy at times but I always try my best at what I do.
I'm totally addicted to Otome games, hahaha~!

Hopefully I can post more Cosplays ♥

Chuu~ ♥

Feel free to check out some other pages of mine or chat with me!


aaaaah~ I'm finally updating this page Q A Q
Gosh, I'm definitely more active on Instagram and usually post more selfies too since I don't edit as much as I wanted to ... (sadly)

Moshi moshi!!! ♥

It actually has been a while since I've joined dA!
And I was actually thinking about writing a journal soon, but you know ... school and stuff happened
.... bla bla bla

Anyways! I should introduce myself properly!

~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ 

My name is Lily, I'm 16 years old cosplayer.
I'm Asian but was born in Germany!
I love anime, manga, drawing, crafting and many more things!

I've been cosplaying for a bout a year now and I really love it!
I experience a whole new sight and I really don't want to lose it!
And hopefully I can improve myself in a lot of things!

~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ ♫ ~ 

Well ... I dunno what to say more, but I'll hope I can keep this journal for a while.

Thank you very much for liking my cosplays!!!!



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