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Tug of War, part 2, 3, and 4



Inspired by forthright's "Unspoiled"

Panel 1:
Hisoka's brows arched when the front door slapped open with enough force to rattle the frame but refrained from commenting. Judging by his hammering heart and breathless state, Sesshoumaru had dashed across the courtyards at top speed.

Panel 2:
"He led our people to victory, though," the boy argued.
"Not entirely, no," his tutor announced, adopting his best lecture voice. "Your father and Lord Ryuukotsusei reached a compromise that ended the war."
Higurashi's face was a mask of confusion. "They were allies?"

Panel 3:
For the remainder of the evening, she read aloud from the borrowed scroll. Sesshoumaru's eyes took on a shine as the young woman waded through the records of a centuries-old battle between the inu-youkai clans and the dragon-youkai that lived in the mountains to the north.
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These scenes were so cute, but it made me so sad to read them, knowing what would happen - what Kagome, by coming there, had caused.