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Tug of War, part 1



Inspired by forthright's "Unspoiled"

Kagome stood quietly in the corner while the neko-youkai poked through dusty cubbyholes and sifted methodically through the contents of a series of cabinets. He was about two-thirds of the way down the row, and it was impossible not to notice that all the shelves behind him were neat and orderly, but those ahead of him were in disarray...
She cut a glance at the ancient inu-youkai sitting at a desk beside the door, slowly copying information from a stack of parchments into a scroll. "He makes Totosai look liked a strapping youth..."


Quick sketch, watercolored. I wish this had come out neater, 'cause I really like it.
Those are tapestries on the wall, by the way, and a "zoom-in" view of the elderly youkai in the foreground.
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I remember that you mentioned wrinkly wizened people were easier to draw - or funner to draw :]. It shows through :)