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Inspired by forthright's "Unspoiled"

Whoo, this was fun to draw! It was a long chapter, so this'll be mostly quick bic-pen sketches. Enjoy!

"Checking. Father always checks," he answered without a trace of concern.

Sticks and Stones
Kagome noticed the whispers whenever she and Sesshoumaru left the pavilion, and judging by Hisoka's grim expression, not all their words were kind.

Stayed Home
Sesshoumaru thought hard, then declared, "You could use a proper bath."
Hisoka spared him a flat look...

Bend and Break
Bucking and twisting, they tossed their manes and pranced just out of reach.

Drive Her Away
Hastily dropping her gaze, she murmured, "Thanks for the scroll, Hisoka-sensei. I'll just read in the other room so you two can... erm... focus. Sorry to interrupt."

Strings and Sealing Wax
It took hours to explain, but once he was done, Hisoka felt better.

Sat in the Corner
Kagome knew something had changed.

Don't Say a Word
"What is this for?" Sesshoumaru inquired, wandering over to gaze at the chart. "We have already studied constellations."
"There is no harm in reviewing," his teacher replied mildly. "Can you tell what season is depicted."
The young lord promptly answered, "Summer."

The Cock Doth Crow
"I was told you're a late sleeper, yet here you are, up with the chickens."

This Old Man
"And... what is my son learning today?"
Hisoka's lips twitched, and he replied, "Higurashi called it the doggie paddle."

Put Your Right Hand In
Red gleamed across the surface of his eyes, and Hisoka's heart raced as he struggled to curtail his instincts.

Higgelty Piggelty
"...Do humans lay eggs?"

Combed Her Hair and Brushed it Well
Amused, she suggested, "You could use my comb."
"No. This is better," the lordling declared.

Eating Bread and Honey
The neko-youkai peered at her over the brim of his tea cup and answered, "Indeed... it will."

Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling
"Because... he is seventeen, too."

Come to the Window
As midnight approached, he re-rolled the scroll he'd been reading and peeped through the window slats...
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"...Do humans lay eggs?" Awww! Young Sessho is too precious.