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Fair of Face, pt 3



Inspired by forthright's "Unspoiled"

Loving and Giving

Sesshoumaru huffed impatiently and accused, "You have taken a mate; you will bear his offspring. You must know these answers!"
The monk stared blankly at the taiyoukai. "Offspring?" He next turned to his wife and tentatively inquired, "Sango?"

*{Way to let the cat outta the bag, Sess}

Work for a Living

"He's different with you guys?" Inuyasha demanded suspiciously.

Fair and Wise

"Hisoka-sensei, I don't know what to do. Before, it was simple because I didn't really have a choice."
"Untrue," he chided. "You chose to be brave... and to smile in spite of your sadness... and to trust me with your secret... and to leap into this future where even more choices were waiting." She brightened considerably, and he hummed approvingly. "Also, I feel duty-bound to point out that you actually answered your own question."
"I did?"
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Oh, dear. My alt. shipping heart is warmed by that Hisoka & Kagome moment. ::twinkle::

Un a completely unrelated note, I really do love how you depict Miroku and Sango throughout this tale.