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Cronos Logo - Warm Citrus

This is just a simple logo I have designed to represent my various other works. The logo can represent a water droplet or alternatively a flame when displayed in orange. This logo also includes the word type.
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nice. i think the droplet looks more like a flame, doesn't it? good job though.
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thanks fot the comment, i'll fix it up in PS once i get the time. I'm surprised at how many people actually think the S is actually a B but anywho i can accept the critism and work on it :D.
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logotype is very well designed...just needs couple of smoothing the lines of logo.than make the gap in logo - that part where the gap is thickest - the sam size as the letters curves are wide. and in typo the letter S is a bi unreadable...but that is not a big mistake becosue the word cronos is somehow readable...but you can if you have time redesign the letter s so it will be the same hight like the other letters...and put a logo just a little to the left side on typo so it will be balanced right :)
just an ideas...
otherwise well designed logo
have fun
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Yeah, i'm trying to keep fresh colours. Not too dull and not too dark.
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a little cliched and could do without the reflection but still nice and clean. perhaps deeper colors though?