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I did IT!!! I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF A BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT.....ok well technically not until Saturday the 8th in the afternoon but close enough don't you think!!

No new features yet, I will do that soon!

Featured Art

YAY New features!! This week I am featuring art that represents the best of fantasy art from some of the artists here on DA. They are all amazing in their style and techniques. Oh to be that good one day ;)
I proudly display their work in my journal. Don't forget to stop by their galleries and leave them some love! :heart:
FROSTWHISPER by RainfeatherPearl :thumb159261858: Breaking Apart by im1happy Fantasy Illustration by wacchi30 :thumb157594190: Nautilus by jarling-art The Collector by azurylipfe Higher Than Hope by Iribel

Mature Content

Duality by Fredy3D
A T H E N A by moka107 Only in My Dreams by fiorendina 'At The Edge Of The World' by sylki51   Fantasy Landscape by rainerpetterart Vhalla by Gabriellebri :thumb158089354: :thumb158140425: Ab10 Fantasy is Nameless 19 by Xantipa2 At Ease..... by cymbidium56


As the new Admin for The-Fairy-Club :iconthe-fairy-club: , I am trying to boost membership, add affiliates and then...we plan on having a contest, yep a contest!:bulletred: Update: I have had to move the contest AGAIN to this summer due to school, work, and being just all around way too busy. I want to personally thank HARVESTLAKE :iconerisforan: for stepping up as Mods for the club in my absence.
Check out these great clubs that I am a member won't regret it ;)  I hereby give all clubs listed here in my journal permission to display my artwork.
:iconthe-wings-club: :iconrainydaysclub: :icondream-club: :iconhigh-lighted: :iconwonderful-world:  :iconmanipulatethis: :icondarkclub: :iconamateur-manips: :iconrealm-of-fantasy: :icondazclub:
:icontube-traders: :iconthe-fairy-club: :icongenesisclub: :iconposeraddicts: :icongothicsoulsclub: :iconthe-fairy-realm:

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What a wonderful accomplishment! I wish you the best of luck for the future! :D

Also, to slip in a little note, Happy Mothers day!! :hug:
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Thank you Becky :hug: And Happy Mother's Day to you as well!
gild-a-stock's avatar
:iconteamoplz: many congratulations :hug:
Lil-Mz's avatar
Thank you dear :hug: :)
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Congrats - happy graduation - enjoy the PIT
Lil-Mz's avatar
Thanks hun, I won't be attending my graduation unfortunately as I was attending Indiana State Univ. online. But they are webcasting the ceremony for us Distance Learners.
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silly me - I thought your were going locally to University of New Mexico. Well darn, I hope you enjoy the show. It's a major accomplishment. BRAVO!
You deserve the credit. I know how how it is sometimes when family or friends just don't get why someone would want to be better educated. My brother is that way. I pray everyone in your family, and your friends are all supportive and loving. BTW - happy Mother's day a day early.
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Nope, took all my classes online. I wanted to go back to Indiana for the ceremony but they chose a bad weekend for the commencement, kids still in school, Mother's Day, my oldest daughter flying out to move back to Oregon this morning. There was just no way.

I wanted to attend graduate school at UNM but the deadline is the 15th and there is no way to get my transcript with my degree posted in time to meet the deadline. So I applied for the program at ISU again. Supposed to find out this coming week if I am accepted. Don't know why I wouldn't be, I maintained a 3.8 in the HRD program and a 3.5 overall.

I have to say that my family is not as supportive as I would like. I had to call mom and my sister just to get congratulations from them. My fiance and my children are supportive though as well as my friends. The head honcho at work is going to recognize my accomplishment once I actually get my degree in hand.

Thank you for the wishes for Mother's Day. I spend the morning in tears and consoling my younger children as we left the airport. Hopefully the afternoon and evening will turn out better.
ArtistVortex's avatar
Ah politics and family - you have to love it.
Just say, the only people who were happy that I got my Degrees were me, myself, and my partner. No one else seemed to give a damn. I lied, The people who were in my class with me. They cared that I got it, since it was a shared experience.
We too had our cry fest. My niece is in jail because she broke her DWI probation, and for Domestic Violence charges. She called and was very sad she was missing her family. I think she was missing her gang friends and her alcohol. Love her, I don't like what she is doing. I personally feel she needs to join the military and save herself.
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Well at least I am not alone in my family's indifference. Sucks though.

Sorry to hear that you too had a cry fest. Not a great day to spend a weekend. I agree with your thinking, the military can have a life changing effect on those caught in vicious cycles. The routine and discipline are usually what is needed. The only thing I would worry about is if she already has an alcohol problem, sometimes that can increase significantly when in an unfamiliar situation. Perhaps a halfway house after getting out of jail would do her good.
ArtistVortex's avatar
My niece dropped out of school because she didn't like it.
She has a serious routine and discipline issue. I do mean serious.
She is actually an alcoholic. She blanks out when she drinks and doesn't remember what she does. As far as I'm concerned, I am more worried about her safety than anything else. She could be raped or worse and she would never know.
Her mother wants to put her in Job Corp, but I have a feeling it will nothing for her. She will still have access to her gang boyfriend, and the related members.
Lil-Mz's avatar
I have mixed emotions about Job Corp, the premise is good, but the results are usually below par.
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Thank you so much for the feature, hon! Hope your workload gets easier soon! Congrats on your impending graduation!! :tighthug:
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I am so honored to see my work included among so many awesome pieces! Thank you!! :hug:
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Thank you for the feature!! Wonderful!

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thanks for featuring! :)
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I'm overwhelmed :bow: Thank you so much my dear :rose:
Fredy3D's avatar
Thanks a lot for the feature! :w00t:
ArtistVortex's avatar
Hey only a month to go any you graduate - very cool
Lil-Mz's avatar
Thanks Mike :hug: It is a very nice feeling, I keep telling myself that every day just to make it through.

Then the big decision...on for a Master's or take a break :juggle: :confused:
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I'd hate to be mean but GO for the Master's immediately while you still have the momentum to go to school. I did mine many many years after and it took me several classes to get up to speed. Those who went from their BA or BS directly to their Masters were ahead of the game for writing papers and doing homework. They were still in that focused study mode.
Lil-Mz's avatar
I am leaning towards starting this Fall...I may wait until Spring just because I don't know if I can make the application deadlines. My work pays 8,000/yr towards schooling, so it would be stupid not to take advantage of it...and besides why start paying back student loans on my income when I could get my Master's and put it off til I land that higher paying job w/ all that education :giggle:
ArtistVortex's avatar
There you go - I strongly suggest getting it through work. Even if you have to do a year or two as payback, it usually turns out in your favor. Start as soon as possible, and more forward, it is well worth it for your mind and soul to know you CAN do it no matter what anyone says. In my case, it was a hellish nightmare I don't want to recap or redo. School was great, and I met some life long friends through it. Being gay, you are subject to some really really stupid people at the work place. It worked out in the end. I got a job that paid me $4 more an hour than what I was getting at that time. I didn't have to pay back the idiots for school, and now I'm making about $10 more than I did with the company I got my Master's through. I rather be making $80K but I think I will have have my own business to do that, but it will come. I have a feeling my current employer might just be paying for my start up thanks to a couple of stupid employees, and supervisors. I need to work on my documents for my case. It's always good to document. I've even considered going back to Law School for Civil Rights. This bullshit in the workplace is getting to be to much.
Lil-Mz's avatar
Sorry for the late reply on this one, been busy as can be. I found out that I get 8,000 a year and no payback of time. I just have to complete the courses with a C or better and it's free money. Now to just keep that in mind and not walk off the job before graduate school starts. I am so tired of the politics and policy changes. I have already put in 6 applications for different positions around ABQ that are more in line w/ my degree that have equal or better bennies.

I sure hope the bs at your work slows down but in case it doesn't you are very smart to document the instances. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you, love to see you get that business of your own started up! Need an HR director when you do :giggle: :)
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