Merry Christmas!

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Well it's been forever hasn't it? I have just finished my first Semester of my Master's program. It's a lot of work but I ended up with an A, an A- and a B, 3.56 GPA pardon my absence but I was just buried in school.

I have a lot to catch up on here so please excuse me if I don't comment on every single post or fav that you all have given me. Trust me I do appreciate very much but just don't have the time to address each and every one of them. :hug:
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All the best to you and yours during the Holidays. :hug:
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:clap: It's nice to hear from you! ;D
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Oh, so sorry I didn't know you had been so ill!! :tighthug: :petting: (Haven't been around much myself lately due to my ill health) Hoping you're feeling much better now......
Congrats on starting your Masters, sweetie - wish you the best of luck with that!! =D
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Heya hun, haven't seen an update for a bit, just hoping you are doing well! :hug:
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Hey, hope you have been feeling better,

Quick question about the group.
What classifies as a fairy for the group? Are you looking for the little winged creatures, or just mythical creatures.

Sorry I commented here, but the note thing is just not working for us! :D
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Fairies, nymphs, sprites, goblins, gnomes, trolls, banshees, elfs.....

No longer working, quit my job. Couldn't handle the anxiety and pressure. Started my Master's program today and the little one started back to school. Trying to get the routine down, still not fully healed. Hope to be back soon!!
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Hopefully your feeling better? Good luck with your masters program! :D
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I am feeling fantastic but tired. Still not fully up to speed w/ my new routine. Classes are going fantastic! I will spend some time this weekend on DA after I get caught up on homework! Thanks so much for all you ladies are doing for the Fairy club :)
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We are glad you are feeling better and your classes going great. :D

1 quick questions:
Do you accept mermaids for the club?
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Uhhh mermaids? Are they fae-related? Some say yes ...sirens of the sea..I will leave this one up to you gals :)
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it's been a long time since we last talked. I hope everything is well and that you are feeling much better. My sister and I barely log into DA anymore and don't have the time to manage :iconthefairyclub: any longer. While we try to find somebody that will love and cherish the group, if it's alright with you, would you mind stepping down from the founder position so that the new deviant can have all permissions? We really don't want the group to die so we figured this was best.

Much love,
Kristi and Anna
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Alright then. ^^
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Awww....back to work so soon? .....You should have been able to get more rest. We hope you are doing much much better now. Take good care of yourself and best of luck with a speedy recovery.

Did you get our note from a few days back by any chance? Just wanted to make sure it is going through since the note system is having some troubles for us.
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Hi sweets! Yes, yesterday was my first day back and I getting ready to head in again. I am stiff and sore!! It is definitely too soon!!

I did not receive your note, sorry :(
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Aww, I'm so sorry that you have to work like that. :(
I'll resend the note right away. It's just an idea we had about the Fairy-Club! :D So just look into it whenever you have the time! :D
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Best wishes on a speedy recovery. We are glad everything went well. :)
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So happy to hear some good news for you :hug:
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Glad it went well, get plenty of rest :hug:
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Hi Dear I have been away from DA a while .. busy busy busy... in a good way.. just catching up and have read all about what you have been going through! So sorry to hear all about this. I do hope everything is going well now and you will be feeling much better and all is well with your little one.
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:w00t: Now, no :dance: or :boogie: for a little while. Rest all you can and heal. We can wait. :cuddle:
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see there was a light at the end of the closet - hope your surgery goes wel
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Thanks hun, I go in at 10 am. Hopefully home by 6pm.
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:w00t: All good thoughts/vibes/wishes shall continue. :hug:
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