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:bulletblue: Haven't been feeling up to par since Christmas really, chalked it up to stress of my last semester, then recovery time. Last night was up from 12 am until 6:30 with the most horrendous pain in my upper back and right side. Seems as if I may have gallstones, freaking fantastic!

:bulletblue: Went to work today for most of the day and with 3 hrs left on the shift had to leave. Because I have no FMLA yet, I am now out on short term disability until who knows when. I can't get in to see the doctor until Tuesday at the earliest so I will know better what I am facing then.

:bulletred: As far as the littlest one's hand, changed the dressing this evening and it still looks nasty but the laceration on the back side has healed nicely. We go back to the orthopedist on Monday at 8 am. Come one doc, it's summer, couldn't it be 10? :giggle: And from there we will know more about if we have to go plaster. Personally, I am hoping for another week, two at the longest, in the soft cast. She has adapted very well, almost too well.

No new feature yet, can't sit at the computer for that long at a time these days. This week I am featuring art that represents the best of Dragon art from some of the artists here on DA. They are all amazing in their style and techniques. Oh to be that good one day ;)
I proudly display their work in my journal. Don't forget to stop by their galleries and leave them some love! :heart:
Campestergum: Forest Morph by Ascynd Dragon by karstART :thumb161309129: Lair of the Dragon Riders by blindman987 Cuddly Dragon Whelp by TargonRedDragon Dragon Queen by Dendory Praying to the Dragon Gods by H3nr1qu3 dragon fractal by shugo-89 Black Dragon II by birdofyore Never wake a sleeping dragon.. by rustymermaid A Dragon's Pride by nor-renee Caretaker Of The Light by ReD1osman Furious Dragon by LovesTheMuffin Don't Mess with Mother Earth by angeliqueart Balance of Fate by ShadeyBabey Winged Patrol by colt51 :thumb161028903: In the Dragon's Den by Illuminesci

As the new Admin for The-Fairy-Club :iconthe-fairy-club: , I am trying to boost membership, add affiliates and then...we plan on having a contest, yep a contest!

:bulletred: Update: I have had to move the contest AGAIN to this summer due to school, work, and being just all around way too busy. I want to personally thank HARVESTLAKE :iconerisforan: for stepping up as Mods for the club in my absence.

Check out these great clubs that I am a member won't regret it ;)  I hereby give all clubs listed here in my journal permission to display my artwork.
:iconthe-wings-club: :iconrainydaysclub: :icondream-club: :iconhigh-lighted: :iconwonderful-world:  :iconmanipulatethis: :icondarkclub: :iconamateur-manips: :iconrealm-of-fantasy: :icondazclub:
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Thank you hun, going back to the dr. next Tuesday for testing. I am sure it is going to end in surgery though, the attacks went from once every other week to every other day now. :(
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Well, I am still going to hold you up to the Universe for good things. :hug:
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Thank you dear :hug: I did get good news though, I was accepted into my graduate program and start August 25th.
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....I hope you feel better quickly and the pain goes away soon. We wish you the best. :)
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Thank you! I am hoping for the best...I do not want surgery! But if that is what it will take to make the pain and discomfort go away then what choice will I have. I will keep you updated.
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Best of luck! Thanks and hope everything works out well. :)
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Well I had another painful attack last night, went to urgent care this am. I go in for testing on the 15th to determine the cause and course of action, until then they loaded me up with meds.
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Still hoping and wishing for good news for you. And I'm sorry for late response my HD crashed but that is minor with all that you are coping with:heart: be strong
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No worries hun :) :hug: Just found out today that we go back to the orthopedist on Monday am. She is adapting fairly quickly and doesn't complain a bit, just accepts the cast as a part of life. Also found out that tomorrow I will be going on an "action" plan at work. Cannot wait to get out of that place.
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What a rough time. :( I am so sorry hun. I hope everything works out, but it almost seems like it's better if you just stay home.
How is your little one handling the pain/casts? My guy can not even let a bandaid alone, can not imagine a cast. Keeping you both in my thoughts hun!
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Thank you Becky :hug: I am trying to hang on to this stupid job until I can get hired on in an HR position, which is why I didn't stay home this last week. I have 11 apps in, so hopefully not much longer.

As long as it is covered up, she pretty much ignores it. She has adapted to being one-handed and naturally keeps it raised, so that is good. We had to change the dressing this morning and I thought she would really freak out, but because it was no longer bleeding, she handled it fine. The end of the week is our next visit to the orthopedist, so we will find out then if she stays in the soft cast or goes into plaster.
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