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Hello im Alicia Nichole Johnson. I am well you dont need to know my age. Im a demon and I have fire red hair im tall, have a little temper problem, and well if you want to know more than read the story.

I was born on April 2nd, 1868. I was born a demon but I didn't know I was . I had an older brother named Claude Faustus. We didn't have the same mother but my step-mother was so kind to me.My brother always cared for me. As kids we would play in a forest and there was this one boy who would also play with us. He's name is Sebastian Michaelis. We always played after school. But one day Sebastian and my brother got in a fight. I forgot what it was about but I remember seeing them fight. My brother got cut I ran to him and he was hurt but I looked at Sebastian and he tells me "We'll see each other again." I was 6 years old when that happened and I will never forget that.

Years past later and im 14 as my brother Claude is 15. We never talk about what happened to Sebastian my brother would get mad and I hate to see him upset like that. I walked downstairs and I see Claud eating breakfast, I go and sit by him we didn't say anything to each other it was just quiet then we hear screaming comming from outside in our backyard. Me and my brother go and see what is was. I saw that fauther was holding my step-mother but he was crying. His body was blocking her's so I couldn't see her. I wanted to see so I tried to walk over but Claude put his hand out then he ran to go see father. I stode back. I look up and I see a man wearing all red and was holding something I couldn't see I didn't know who he was but I saw father carying my step-mother but she was dead blood was everywhere. I feel to my knees and started to cry as father brought mother into the house. Claude came and hugged me. A few weeks later we went to mother's funeral. Father was talking to some men while I was alone with my brother. I still wondered about the man in red so I asked my brother.

A: Claude? 
C: Yes Alicia? 
A: That day when mother died I saw a man wearing all red 
C: So? 
A: Maybe I think that he caused her death.

The funeral was starting so we had to go in. It was so sad everyone was so upset but I think father was more upset than all of us. Later that day we went home and we didnt even talk to father he locked himself in his room. That night I wanted to kiss my brother goodnight but as I was walking to the door I hear father's voice

F: Claude you know the day your mother died she was killed by a man in red 
C: Alicia told me she saw a man in red 
F: He's a grim reeper 
C: Why would he kill mother 
F: She was ment to die she's not a demon like you, me or Alicia.

That moment I felt scared yet upset.I heared of demons but only in books. They say that demons are evil creatures, and they are like the devil. I was also upset that father wouldn't tell me. I heared him comming so I ran back to my room. I could tell he was coming to my room I could see his shadow from the candel light he was holding. I pretended to be sleep he comes and kisses me on my forehead and walks away. I thought about what he said all that night. The next day me and wanted to go for a walk. I told them I will be back in a little bit. I went back to the forest where me and my brouther would used to play. I haven't been here in so long. I look around and thought about the good times we use to have playing here as kids. I also remembered that Sebastian was here too. I look up the tree and I wondered what the world looked like from up there.

I started to climb the tree and when I reached the top I looked over the forest and I could see my house from up here I tried to climb back down but I slipped on a branch and started to fall. As I was falling I was screaming for help I closed my eyes and I felt that someone caught me I opened my eyes and I see this boy that looks like he could be my age. He puts me down on the ground and I say

A: Um thank you for catching me 
?: Your welcome Alicia 
A: You know me? 
?: You forgot who I am. Well look at me

I looked at him but he didn't look like someone I would know. Then I looked a little bit longer and his eyes had a certian look. Its like he's kind but also dangerous. I remembered the only person with eyes like that was Sebastian.

A: Sebastian is that you? 
S: Yes 
A: You look so different. How did you know it was me 
S: I could never forget you one look and I knew it was you 
A: Really?

Ok I forgot to tell you guys I had a little crush on Sebastian for a long time and I never told anyone about it. When we were kids we would play hide and go seek. When Claude would count Sebastian would take us to a place in the forest and we would hide together. And one time I got hurt and Sebastian help healded my wound. He was so nice and sweet and ever since I had a crush on him

S: So where is he? 
A: Who? 
S: Claude. We all know he would never leave you alone 
A: He's back at the house

Then we heared something coming threw the trees. Sebastian gets in front of me, we hear them coming closer but when the persone came out it was my brother, Claude


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I am a cosplayer and a gamer. I love anime, jrock, kpop and ect. I hope you like my cosplay and no mean coment please.My cosplays and deawing are different but die to the meaning and character. I will have more pictures, videos, and stories on my wattpad, youtube and tumbler


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