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Tiny worldbuilding part: Intelligent species size comparison

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I have a limited number of intelligent species, and all the OU characters belong to this list. (Also I have dragons but they rly aren’t intelligent hehe) However, they don't necessarily correspond to the "average size". But such things look so cool usually! I can’t help myself, I want to have one too.

  • Humans do not belong to this world. But since I show all that to humans, I compare locals with humans. The human-model is probably ~1.75m or kind of;
  • Ettas are taller then humans due to the hills only. although heels will not help some of them;
  • Featured gargoyle is Cuckoo;
  • Galettes can be the size of a domestic cat, actually, and for some of them it's a "pretty average height". Their size depends on the small details of the particular kind of them. A big cat was chosen because I love big cats.
  • The height of effigies is a problematic question for me due to their shapes. I prefer to describe them as "long".

*It's redraw of the same thing from 2018. Sal’efes came back to the world, and now I know better the size of usual wild animals. Needed to be updated.

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Liktar General Artist

Thank you! <3

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You're very welcome!

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mashpotatoes201Hobbyist General Artist

i really love this!!

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Liktar General Artist

Awww, I'm flattered to hear that! Thank you, dear! *u*

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eeee lion lion lion!

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Liktar General Artist

Yay, kitty! :heart:

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T0byInTheSkyHobbyist General Artist

That's fun to see a size comparison!

Uuughh the shapes are so niceee

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Liktar General Artist

Thank you, my dude! :heart:

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Oh yeah, they're tall ! ^^

Personally I think I would risk looking at them with a torticollis, (in the sense that if I were in your universe) because I have the same size as the Colisule. X)

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Liktar General Artist

Awww, are you ~1.60m? <3

Yes, I feel ya, buddy. I would too ... I would ran away with screams, probably x'D Regardless a height, they would have seemed to me enough ... "unfriendly-looking human-eaters" xD

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1.57 m! ^^ (more or less)

Ah Personally, if I fell into your world, I would already be wary of flora and fauna, X) I would not cry "There is someone !!!" lest I run into someone who wants to eat me, I will try to find accommodation. And I'll watch the locals from afar to see which one is nice and won't kill me when he sees me, but it would be the curious guy. I will be harmless. ^^

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