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Zero Suit Samus Aran - Metroid Cosplay


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Zero Suit Samus from Metroid: Other M.
I'm so happy this is finally a reality! So much work went into this project so we can bring Samus to life. 
I went through a lot of trial/error over the years only to drop trash most of my work and start over.

-Photo taken by my husband.
-Wig base is a Matilda from Arda Wigs. I sewed in wefts to create the bangs and sewed in more wefts to add length to the back for the ponytail. 
-The Paralyzer was 3D modeled by me and printed. I spent many hours cleaning up the print and assembling it. I painted and weathered it to give it a slighted used feel.
-I reached out to Andromeda Latex to create the suit for me. I'm so happy I went with latex!
-The editing on the final image was done by Peck Photography

More pics coming soon. 

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I have a request!
It may be unreasonable ask for your kind famous cosplayers!
Recent topics Bowsette's Cosplay!
I want you to consider the plan!
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you look just like samus!
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One of my favorite Zero-Suit Cos ever!! so well done! i Guess the suit was expensice with this high details!
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Awesome job! I can't even imagine what making a suit like that must be like. It's one of those things that when I look at custom body suits I go "...??? Where would I even start with that!" Also are the shoes integrated into the costume?
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You look like the actaul Zero suit Samus from Metriod Other M brought to life :) God you're so beautiful and perfect, my dream woman come to life lol :)
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LOVELY! :D Heart Heart :happybounce: 
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best samus suit i have ever seen :D
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Everything looks so good but Dam those Heels are extreme.
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extreme, but accurate
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The work paid off, this looks great =)
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*sigh* After reading the description, I feel like an a**hole. I'm sorry. I really didn't know.
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I'm confused and I have no idea what this is about. Sorry? 
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You look really beautiful as Samus in this photo. 
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Keep rocking' it, m'dear - this whole project turned out fantastic~!
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Kick their alien butts Samus!
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