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Zelda 25th Anniversary

By LiKovacs
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**Please NOTE
The Circle image is the actual Painted Piece. The 3 Images under the Mandala with the black frame are just closeups that I compiled in photoshop of the 3 Goddesses from the actual painting itself to show detail.

My Zelda 25th Anniversary Tribute! This was my mandala project that I did in my color and design class. I wanted to do something that I would enjoy working on and that I would keep for myself. I lost about 2 nights of sleep on it.

I always wanted to do something with the 3 Goddesses, and originally I wanted to paint something digitally...but this turned out better. Painted using an Art Nouveau style. I didn't use any references, I just kinda winged the bodies and the fabric while sitting in class. I wanted each Goddess to have different facial features as well as their hair.

I added closeups of the goddesses in this upload.

Total hours - 25+
Medium - Gouache
Size - 10x10 painting. Illustration board is 15x20 with a black matte.


Sorry for the watermarks.
:bulletyellow: I am offering the Mandala (circle) part as a High Quality Professional Print on an 11x17 heavy weight Epson Matte paper for $35. The Mandala on the print would be 10x10.
Black frame mat board not included.

Check out the youtube in progress video!

Legend of Zelda & 3 Goddesses (c) Nintendo
This is my design/art/painting, do not take without my permission.
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© 2011 - 2021 LiKovacs
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Beautiful!!! <3
I want this framed on my wall!!! :o
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I really want to get this tattooed to me.
LoZeldafan1990's avatar
I have only just now seen this... And it shall be tattooed upon ny back! Underneath the Hylian crest.... Yes...
CoZmiiC-eLeMenT's avatar
WOW!!!!...............This is Amazing!!! my mind is blown. I beg you, PLEASE do more Zelda related art...I will love you forever!!!!!!!!
FREAKKATT's avatar
This is gorgeous, very good quality art. Traditional pieces always hold that flair digital pieces just don't ^^.
time-boy's avatar
I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much use this as a tarot cloth :) :D
splendiferousnafu's avatar
Amazing! Is this still available in print?
HarbingerHaven's avatar
I'm very impressed that this was hand painted. I like the overall design. Also, I'm a sucker for Art Neuvo style.
GamingArtist-521's avatar
Should be at the intro of a Zelda game! Fantastic job!
Neko3hiki's avatar
This is beautiful! Love the clouds. :)
Lexosceles's avatar
Wow. This is beautiful!!!!
Tridork's avatar
Zomggguh. I want this. D: <3
watashiveracasan's avatar
Holy freaking hell! that's beautiful~ O.O
GoodGirl-BadGirl's avatar
This is incredible. :wow:
Partial-Credit's avatar
Yeah, I could totally see this being in one of the games. It is reminiscent of the throne room in Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess.
MayJasmine's avatar
That is just so amazing! I could really imagine this as some sort of a fresco in one of the Hylian temples. Great job once again, you never cease to amaze me! :clap: <3
OTMarch's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. I'd love to have something like this in my apartment. It's always nice to make something that you'll end up keeping and loving. I really like the cloud details that go around it and the border. Almost reminds me of Rohan/something Celtic/Gaelic almost. Really neat!
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Meioh-Sakurako808's avatar
That's absolutely beautiful
SakuraDreamerz2's avatar
Great job! They look beautiful!!
Lets see, Din is the one with the straightened red hair,
Faorae is the one with curly green hair,
and Nayru is the one with wavy blue hair, correct?
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Good job! Is amazing ;w;
auress's avatar
not only are you best cosplayer i ever seen in my life, but your also a amazing artist on deviantart
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