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Skyward Sword Zelda - WIP

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Little Pixel Heart  Hello everyone!  Little Pixel Heart 
I'm getting back into doing digital art again. The last time I did a full body with background was 10 years ago. That was the last time I've uploaded anything like that here on DA and haven't done anything since. So I thought as my first big art piece I would start off with Goddess Zelda from Skyward Sword. I really love Zelda from SS, she's just super cute and her goddess dress is so simple yet so perfect. 

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Bullet; Orange Artwork drawn by Li Kovacs
Bullet; Orange Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Surface Pro 3.
Bullet; Orange Zelda © Nintendo 

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shiranui1295's avatar
That looks amazing so far :3 excited to see it when it's done! I love the colors on the sleeve <3
jaredjlee's avatar
Nice start. I like the colors you are using.
BagginsWulf's avatar
I love this! I really like your visual style, and the coloring looks like it's going to be amazing when it's finished. :)
CJ-DB's avatar
JapanZelda's avatar
Wow, this is gonna be awesome! Keep it on!
Omega9393's avatar
Looks interesting so far. For some reason Skyloft made it feel like Link was in Hogwarts; except instead of wands, there's swords and birds.
Raakone's avatar
TheCartoonLife's avatar
Glad to see that you're sharpening your skills again! :)
black-white-check's avatar
Wow, it looks gorgeous! I love the blues and purples you've already got going on with her dress!
Inverse-Narnia's avatar
So professional looking
grandlemurmonkey's avatar
Wow!! She looks amazing already! :D
scowlingelf's avatar
If the sleeve is anything to go by, this is going to be epic!
LiKovacs's avatar
Thank you! Yeah the sleeve is how the coloring is progressing ^^
fluffylink's avatar
it's looking great!
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