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Shipwrecked - Toronbo Shores

By LiKovacs
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"After a long and fruitful voyage, Link breathed deeply the sea spray from the deck of the ship that carried him home to Hyrule. But his homecoming was not to be. Suddenly a squall struck Links ship, and though he valiantly fought the waves, a lightning bolt reduced the ship to splinters.

Links world faded black as he sank into the darkness of the storm-tossed sea with the remains of his craft."

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Poster


Another addition to my poster series.
The first time I wanted to recreate this image was around 1996, but I wanted to paint it instead of creating it in real life.
It is based on this image (before Marin finds him washed up on the shore): bulk.destructoid.com/ul/user/2…

This image is completely real (with the exception of a couple filters and a slight blur to give it a dream like feel). My dad and I created the 'shipwreck' using wooden planks and wooden poles, crates, and barrel. If you look closely the longest plank is burnt. Could this be from the lightning that struck the ship? =)

This picture took about 20 shots to get it right which means lol I had to get in the wet cold sand 3 times and get soaked over and over again until the tide came to a good spot and everything matched up really well. The Seagulls were a bonus!

It sucked because the tide would go higher and higher at each shot, and eventually washed up farther than the set a couple times or it would go too low, it was very random. But it was very worth it, but in the end I was very cold xD. My dad would just lol after he took each set of pics over me getting all washed up by the ocean XD.
Don't worry, the costume is perfectly fine :3
I'm glad I found a location that worked so well for Toronbo Shores. It was so pretty, and perfect!

I absolutely love Link's Awakening. I have more photos from the set.

Throughout the years I've been doing what I can to bring Link and his world of Hyrule to life. All items and locations are real that I scout out myself and set up to make the perfect image as much I could.
I found Koholint Island!

Model / Costume made by - Me
Photo - Consplayers (my dad)
Legend of Zelda (c) Nintendo
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VoxollousHobbyist Digital Artist
aaw you got soaked XD
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auressHobbyist Artisan Crafter
i may have commented on this before...but seriously, this is just too awsome!
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RockLouHobbyist General Artist
So awsome! :D
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EngieRoxHobbyist Photographer
This is so awesome!! I haven't played LA yet but I've been dying to (once my brother finds the game and gives it to me). Great job!!
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Dream--scapeStudent Digital Artist
I just finished beating this game for the first time. It was my very first Zelda game, and I found it again recently, and played it all the way through. It is by far my favourite Zelda game, and pictures like this make me smile. The feeling of a dream is definitely accomplished here- good job! :heart:
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NightlessAngelHobbyist Interface Designer
On the bright side at the costumes okay, er right?
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addixiiStudent General Artist
oh...fuck... simply amazing
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Tari-RingerilHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it! T__T
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Wow. Amazing!
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Hetare-muniHobbyist Traditional Artist
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MrJmZackProfessional General Artist
I've browsed your gallery many times before, but I don't recall having ever seen this one 'til now. It's a wonderful scene: very surreal. Great job on all of it!
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Animal-Art-for-artStudent General Artist
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Partial-CreditHobbyist General Artist
LA is my favorite video game of all time (which is saying a lot), and the first one I played all the way through on my own as a kid. I love you for doing this, and I hope to see more LA in the future. ^_^
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auressHobbyist Artisan Crafter
i give it a double thumbs up! this looks so amazing.....it just looks exactly like the game
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Oh It got wet!!
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ShaD-23Hobbyist General Artist
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I really love this game. This picture captures its spirit perfectly. :)
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yokogreywordHobbyist Artist
Dude this is great! And yeah, I worried about the costume. ^_^;
I adore Link's awakening. I love the Ballad of the Wind Fish. Plus it's one of the few Zelda games I've managed to beat. *ahem* -_-
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9Dani9Student General Artist
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Too much EPIC !!!!!! my fav. Zelda >_< !
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IlionejHobbyist General Artist
Oh my! That poor costume! All the salt! But a great work. It truly deserves the DD. With this you proved once more that you are the one and only real-life Link!
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LiKovacsProfessional Artisan Crafter
its actually just fine, the water did no damage and it just needed a nice wash after wards :3
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