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Shigeru Miyamoto and Me

By LiKovacs
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*Full View Please*
(photo taken in 2006)

( *edit* but i guess i should add this part^^;
The costume was made by me, and it took me 6 months to make because I made my own chainmail shirt ^_^
I finished the Costume in August of 2004. So its a pretty old outfit already. but its still good. :)
Its also been featured in Nintendo Power. as well as my other Link and nintendo costumes. ^^ )

I was Advertizing Twilight Princess at the Nintendo Booth at E3 as Link and Zelda. I was not just cosplayers who decided to show up at the event and cosplay, I got permission from both Nintendo and the board of E3 before the event began, and there were rules I had to follow. The Nintendo staff treated us with so much respect. and ofcourse the Wii was awesome. hehe

I met Shigeru three times during the event. The first time I were called over, and his translator introduced me to him, and the other two times he came over to me. We spent a lot of time chatting, and taking photos. He signed my shield, hat, and tunic. And he took his picture.
This pic was taken in the "Invitation Only" section at the Nintendo booth. its pretty much impossible to meet him outside of that area.
I was able to go back there when we needed to take a break, and get some snacks, food, drinks, or ice cream. hehe.
Iwata was also back there. NOA, NOE, and nintendo of japan were also there, and they all loved the costumes.
He was very happy when he saw me in the costume, and the word spread quickly around nintendo.

Shigeru and I are the exact same height. (except my neck is bent abit forward in this pic) And I find it funny that we posed the exact same way. Miyamoto also Based a lot about Link off himself. :)

Advertising Twilight Princess went so well that even PS3 booth attendies started coming over to the nintendo booth, the Nintendo booth was crowded!

I cant wait for next years E3. Something big is happening in 2007!

Note ***
E3 Is a TRADE SHOW event only** No cosplay. Got permission from Nintendo and E3 to wear the costume at the Nintendo Booth to advertise Twilight Princess. ***

Please dont cosplay at e3 unless your allowed. Its not a cosplay event.***

link (c) the gods (nintendo)
made / worn by me.
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I was sent here by the Angry video Game Nerd’s chronologically confused Legend of Zelda video.

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OMG! You met Shigeru Miyamoto! I'm so jealous! Talk about being with the creator and the creation! XDDD
Souichi-Tatsumi's avatar
O^O I met him once.... I worked on a Zelda manga
Omega9393's avatar
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous. lol
Poke-Dream's avatar
OMG!! You met THE Miyamoto??!!
xMurmaid's avatar
This was the best E3 for Zelda in history. You are so lucky xD! Great cosplay, too!
EveninX's avatar
I would say
"Myamoto met YOU?? HOW LUCKY of him!!"
I'm your fan since you start cosplay Link. I just don't get tired of seen your pics. I never saw this one though.
Hope you live forever (like a kokiri) rsrs
Hugs from a brazilian fan!
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So lucky >:I lol
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Random Fact: Shigeru Miyamoto is five feet five inches tall.
AkuDemyfan's avatar
You're seriously lucky!! That's awesome! :aww: Your costume's really amazing too! You really do look like Link. :aww:

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Can't favourite Fast enough
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Nice photo! I guess that both you and Shigeru Miyamoto are both five feet five inches tall.
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What's photoshop? You think I photoshoped myself with him? If you look at the shadows, lighting, etc you can see not.
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Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second, you actually met Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto himself?! That sure is a privilege. He's an amazing man.
ArtsyVana's avatar
Mother of God... I cannot express how I feel at this moment. Just...
aegis-of-justice's avatar
Just look at the huge smile on Miyamoto-san's face, haha. It's a great honor to meet the creator of the Zelda series, but he's also enjoying meeting pikminlink a lot too. ^^ What I love about this picture is that both of them are obviously having a great time. :D
Rot8erConeX's avatar
(I know this comment is almost nine months old, but hey, I guess it was conceived when you typed it and now it's getting born?)

For people like Miyamoto-san, the joy is in seeing people like PikminLink who love your work so much to faithfully recreate it.  It is how they know they've found their secret to immortality - they've made something so grand that even after they themselves have physically died, people will still know who they were.
aegis-of-justice's avatar
lol a May baby, is it? XD
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Gosh, you met Shigeru Miyamoto?!! That's my dream. o///o You're so lucky...! Are you like, buds with him now? (Or sonething like that...)
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