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Samus Aran - Metroid: Other M. Cosplay


** Tumblr version here:…

Zero Suit Samus from Metroid: Other M.
I'm so happy this is finally a reality! So much work went into this project so we can bring Samus to life. 
I went through a lot of trial/error over the years only to drop trash most of my work and start over.

-I reached out to Andromeda Latex to create the suit for me. I'm so happy I went with latex!
-Wig base is a Matilda from Arda Wigs. I sewed in wefts to create the bangs and sewed in more wefts to add length to the back for the ponytail. 
-The visual effects/compositing on the final image was done by Peck Photography.  He also did the backgrounds and the lighting.
-Photo taken by my husband.
-The Paralyzer was 3D modeled by me and printed. I spent many hours cleaning up the print and assembling it. I painted and weathered it to give it a slighted used feel.

More pics coming soon. 

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Fantastic job on this!

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one of the most awesome Zero Suit cosplays!

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This is incredible.  I am totally inspired.  Great job. 
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You won't find a better Samus Aran cosplay. The overall details, scene, suit texture and colors, model, and most important thing... she doesn't put the finger on the trigger !
Perhaps my only regret is that Samus Zero suit' shoes comes with heels, which is a stupid design but hey... "it's a fiction"... ^^
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Gorgeous looking cosplay!!
GenniGenevieve's avatar
Best Zero Suit Samus cosplay I have EVER seen!!!
GhostieLink's avatar
Awesome! So glad to finally see it complete! 
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Wow, She Makes a PERFECT Samus!!!
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Your husband is a lucky man, he is practically married to the best real life depiction of Samus ever...........that is my dream lol :)
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Nice backdrop.
Even nicer cosplay. Amongst the greatest I've ever seen, right down to the boots.
Careful Samus... 5 sections to the right and you might meet the major. ;)
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Oh wow!!!! All that work and hair pulling really paid off! This looks fantastic!!!! Super happy for you! :D
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Always amazed and thankful for the effort you put into your cosplays. You make a gorgeous Samus.
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Holy crap I thought it was a drawing at first!
Love it!.... more please!
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Amazing! It's neat to see how much work was put into it.
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Well it's nice to see that the metroid franchise is still getting some love at least...even if nintendo completely ignores it -_-
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This is just fantastic
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Wow you nearly cosplay her better than AtelierHeidi
And i freaking LOVE AtelierHeidi
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