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Samus Aran

By LiKovacs
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I'm going to try uploading more of my art here. I really wanted to try a more painted style for this piece and I think it turned out a lot better than my last. I think I'm better at this style than the others but that's just my opinion. I'm still learning but this piece wouldn't have been possible without the support of my patrons.

High-res, Step-by-step, layered PSD and more of this piece will be available on my Patreon page if you pledge before Nov 1st.

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Bullet; Orange Artwork drawn by Li Kovacs
Bullet; Orange Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Surface Pro 3.
Bullet; Orange Samus © Nintendo 

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is that the action figure?
Darkyami1214's avatar
This is absolutely amazing :)
alisoninaisle10's avatar
beautiful work, I thought it was an edited photo with a great lighting arrangement at first but seeing the details it looks even better
themisssinglink's avatar
That is super amazing! :D Very brilliantly done!
Zitenshi's avatar
I love the colors used for the lights!
LinksLove's avatar
This is absolutely amazing!
Cool.                                                                                                       Samus Helmet 
AdmiralPit's avatar
I'm amazed with the interesting coloring.  So realistic, especially when imagining the setting in a dim location. :heart:  It definitely fits Samus and her often-hostile situations.
unisonic's avatar
I've been playing a lot of AM2R today, so I'm on this Metroid high right now! This looks really good
jaredjlee's avatar
Woah! When it comes to art you can do anything can't?!
cybertech02's avatar
BloodMoonFT's avatar
That is absolutely beautiful
The-Last-Phantom's avatar
Super amazing art!!!

[ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: 
JesusRanchal's avatar
I am fan of Metroid since forever! Very cool ^^.
anime1999's avatar
scowlingelf's avatar
Ohhhhhhhhh, the light is gorgeous! Love the colours!
thetanforever's avatar
Very nice and shiny :)
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