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Princess Hilda of Lorule - Cosplay

By LiKovacs
I can finally post pictures of my completed Princess Hilda costume! 
This costume took me a good couple of months to complete and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. I love Hilda, she is an amazing character and I am happy that I could bring her to life. 

 Print Available here!  

I was invited to be a guest on the latest Nintendo Minute video and also to reveal my Princess Hilda costume exclusively on the show! Watch the interview here:

Full Costume and props created by me.
Photo - Tripod. Post Processing by me.

Princess Hilda - Legend of Zelda ALBW by pikminlink Princess Hilda  - Legend of Zelda Cosplay by pikminlink Princess Hilda - Legend of Zelda cosplay by pikminlink
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Nice Hilda Cosplay!
SpoolOfThread-Art's avatar
how did you make the staff?? 
shadowhiver's avatar
I saw that, on the nintendo thing :D Seriously cool! 
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Oh my gosh, this is so good!!! She looks just like Hilda
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so stunning!
PizZaMonsTa's avatar
amazing cosplay! <3
The-Fruit-Pantry's avatar
This is so spot on, and incredible!You did a excellent job, hands down!

I just have one question; to get the shape of the dress, did you make a petticoat, or did you use a hoop skirt?
I was just wondering because I am planning on helping one of my friends with making a dress with a similar shape.
Shaku-the-Vendialor's avatar
I was wondering how long it'd be before I saw a Hilda cosplay.... It's beautiful, too!
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very beautiful OH
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this is so good i cant even
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妹妹之前扮セーラージュピター,整體造型好有氣質,髮型好正點,手套也戴得很漂亮,褶皺反光都好美,小巧的胸部一樣好可愛,穿膚色絲襪的蜜腿好美,小高跟靴也好美,戴手套的手本身褶皺的光澤就已經很誘人,尤其摸著穿絲襪的腿滑滑的,其實有點抓不住,導致妹妹很亢奮,當晚也用戴手套的手自慰,可愛短裙下的深處已經不知不覺溼溼的,妹妹雖然只有放幾張照片,但其實拍很多呢 *^_^*

Eirik-the-Viking's avatar
the most amazing sight I've ever seen. very lovely.
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GAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSP im adding you to my watch list.
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Welcome to our world, Your Highness!  :bow:

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You look stunning!
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EEE!! Looks so awesome I hope mine comes out as clean cut as yours! So happy to see all the Hilda love.
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Wow, stunning! Love this pic!
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OMG! Beautiful cosplay!!
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((Hai! >w< I really hope you'll answer my plight here:

I REALLY love cosplay, but I feel so sad when I want to do a character and yet I feel like I just can't pull it off D: I know alot of people say: "Oh who cares, as long as you have fun!" But I want to be like you and every other amazing cosplayer who looks so perfect in their desired costume.. I want to achieve success in every cosplay.. Yet I feel that I can't.. I've always wanted to do Link or Hilda, but I don't have a petite nose like yours, and then that discourages me uwu

And whenever I ask a really good cosplayer; "How did you do this- or get that hat-?" Because I suck at sowing, don't have materials for sowing, and I get inspired by these people, and yet they never answer my questions, and I just feel like giving up, but then cosplay calls my name again and I struggle once more, like right now Dx

What would you recommend for me? I'm a semi-perfectionist who believes it's not worth my money if I don't get a cosplay right. Even if I ignore my nose and go for a Hilda cosplay, I won't know what materials to use and end up buying some horrible cheap fabric and feel horrible again..
Gah Dx But, yeah.. Any help here? Thanks in advance..))
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