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Princess Hilda - Legend of Zelda cosplay

By LiKovacs
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I can finally post pictures of my completed Princess Hilda costume! 
This costume took me a good couple of months to complete and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. I love Hilda, she is an amazing character and I am happy that I could bring her to life. 

I was invited to be a guest on the latest Nintendo Minute video and also to reveal my Princess Hilda costume exclusively on the show! Watch the interview here:

Full Costume and props created by me. Modeled by me.
Photo - Tripod. Post Processing by me.

Princess Hilda  - Legend of Zelda Cosplay by pikminlink Princess Hilda of Lorule - Cosplay by pikminlink Princess Hilda - Legend of Zelda ALBW by pikminlink
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Marduk-Kurios's avatar
Wow, totally awesome, beautiful, stunningly breathtaking!

Since Link Between Worlds I am so fascinated with Hildas Staff, the Triforce on Top is so awesome!

Excellent Job! :heart:
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, girl. THIS is how you cosplay. GREAT job!
madelynnaa's avatar
how did the triforce on her staff to float
sl4ughtermelon's avatar
WOW! Gorgeous and spot on! Great job!
Kleiner-Schmetterlin's avatar
wow, this is awesome *_*!
Zelda-witch-of-hope's avatar
May I just say that your Hilda cosplay is absolutely gorgeous~ Yours is actually the cosplay I am using as an inspiration for the one I am hoping to create next year!
StudioMikarts's avatar
You did a fabulous job bringing her to life!  Makes me want to finish Link Between Worlds...
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妹妹之前扮セーラージュピター,整體造型好有氣質,髮型好正點,手套也戴得很漂亮,褶皺反光都好美,小巧的胸部一樣好可愛,穿膚色絲襪的蜜腿好美,小高跟靴也好美,戴手套的手本身褶皺的光澤就已經很誘人,尤其摸著穿絲襪的腿滑滑的,其實有點抓不住,導致妹妹很亢奮,當晚也用戴手套的手自慰,可愛短裙下的深處已經不知不覺溼溼的,妹妹雖然只有放幾張照片,但其實拍很多呢 *^_^*

Namine24's avatar
Wow, how did you do the dress
VulpusxFelidae's avatar
I so need to get a cosplay picture of Hilda and Zelda side by side. In fact, Mission: Both sets of hyrule/lorule counterparts.
Beth-Flik's avatar
woah! this is amazing...I can't describe how awesome this is. 
XxCircusxSpazzxX's avatar
I LOVE THIS!!! <3 
lLuthy's avatar
how did you make the upside down triforce float? o__o
XxCircusxSpazzxX's avatar
Probably with wire?
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
this all came out so beautifully!!!! Well done~~~ :D
watashiveracasan's avatar
whoa this is lovely! <3
TheCartoonLife's avatar
SOOO gooodddd I'm trying to learn how to sew and you're such an inspiration!
Faylian's avatar
You look amazing! Very well done. :D
MegaEspeon's avatar
Excellent job!  I love how you put even the tiniest detail into your cosplay!
SparkySama's avatar
Who the heck is Hilda????
The-Fruit-Pantry's avatar
She's from the new LOZ: a link between worlds :3
SuperSmashSis's avatar
This is very elegant and beautiful.
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