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Princess Hilda - Legend of Zelda Cosplay

By LiKovacs
I can finally post pictures of my completed Princess Hilda costume! 
This costume took me a good couple of months to complete and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. I love Hilda, she is an amazing character and I am happy that I could bring her to life. 

I was invited to be a guest on the latest Nintendo Minute video and also to reveal my Princess Hilda costume exclusively on the show! Watch the interview here:

Full Costume and props created by me. Modeled by me.
Photo - Tripod. Post Processing by me.

Princess Hilda - Legend of Zelda cosplay by pikminlink Princess Hilda of Lorule - Cosplay by pikminlink Princess Hilda - Legend of Zelda ALBW by pikminlink
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Gojilion91's avatar
:D Cool cosplay!!
SeselisCreates's avatar
How comfortable are those shoulder pads?
It doesn't look like you'd be able to raise your arms.
This costume is amazing though. I always loved Hilda's design.

Overall Link Between Worlds' design was wonderful.
LiKovacs's avatar
They're very comfortable and they move with my arms
SeselisCreates's avatar
Wow. That's impressive. How did you pull that off?
Pioneeri's avatar
Great job on this! I absolutely love it.
EmmZeeFoto's avatar
I really hope this becomes a in-style look.
(I thought MY ears were big!) :D
Hagane85's avatar
This I just started making my own costumes so I now completely realize how it can be. I thought my Edward Elric shirt took a long time, I can't imagine how long it took just to make that dress alone...:faint:

Phenomenal job, as always:D
lucaslike92's avatar
wait.... is this you? I thought you were a guy? Im confused O.O
Li is a female :) she often crossplays as Link.
Pioneeri's avatar
They could still be a guy if they wore this. Just you know.
If a man wore a dress and make up etc. it wouldn't make him a less of a man.
lucaslike92's avatar
oh! yeah I know. I just legit thought she was just a legit shounen dude all this time x'DDDD Im so sorry Li!
Ziromaru's avatar
Great Hilda! ^^ Whats the tiara made of?
AmazingRogue's avatar
Very beautiful photo!
mazeko's avatar
Posted here: TopCosplay :3
If you don't want to share your photo on the page please tell me then I'll remove it :'(
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
What game is is she from in ithe series zelda obvliously
ElunaRae's avatar
A Link Between Worlds
Artymesia's avatar
omg, you're the awesome Link i keep seeing pics of!!

did you happen to cosplay as Hilda at all during Sakura Con? I've got a pic of a Hilda but not sure who it is.

all your outfits are amazing btw :D
Sageoftwilight56's avatar
Beautiful! I just have to ask, I'm making a Hilda cosplay, so I was wondering where you got your wig and contacts (if you have contacts, not sure if contacts or photo edited...) and how you got the upside down triforce on your staff to look like it was floating? If you could help, that'd be awesome. :) You have very beautiful cosplays. :D
D7thSeeker's avatar
Hi! This is just... wow :) Is there a higher quality one of the poster somewhere? I would be happy to buy it...
rokma117's avatar



妹妹之前扮セーラージュピター,整體造型好有氣質,髮型好正點,手套也戴得很漂亮,褶皺反光都好美,小巧的胸部一樣好可愛,穿膚色絲襪的蜜腿好美,小高跟靴也好美,戴手套的手本身褶皺的光澤就已經很誘人,尤其摸著穿絲襪的腿滑滑的,其實有點抓不住,導致妹妹很亢奮,當晚也用戴手套的手自慰,可愛短裙下的深處已經不知不覺溼溼的,妹妹雖然只有放幾張照片,但其實拍很多呢 *^_^*

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