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Legend of Zelda - Link Cosplay



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taken by my dad at
(photo taken in 2006)

The costume was made by me, and it took me 6 months to make because I made my own chainmail shirt. It's really a dream to be able to cosplay as Link. He is my favorite character of all time, and I grew up with him. When I was little I always dressed up as Link and pretended to fight the many creatures of Hyrule and Ganon to find Princess Zelda.

Ah so many great memories. I love the Legend of Zelda series. It's my life.

I finished the Costume in August of 2004.
Its also been featured in Nintendo Power and other official Nintendo Magazines and gaming magazines around the world and websites all around, as well as my other Link and nintendo costumes. ^^

last weekend fanime, I barely got a chance to wear Twilight Princess Link because I was so busy, But i was happy to finally finish my new shield. Anyway, my hat is blessed. Thats Shigeru Miyamotos Signature.

Months before E3 i was already discussing with my parents where should he sign my costume?? but of course i was told not to get my hopes up. But i wanted my hat signed, So when we met, we chatted until his translator went to go look for something to write with and came back with a silver sharpie! awesome! I took my hat off and nicely held it straight while he took his time signing it making it all nice and neat. so awesome!!! I literally was the happiest person alive.

I dont have pictures of the sig on the tunic yet, but i do have one of the sheild. Will upload that one later. ghaaa im so happpy, like seriously happy. omg you have no idea how much of a life long dream this was for me to meet him. Ive ended up meeting him a total of 5 times, and now we say hello to each other and he asks about my costumes.

yeah..excuse my tired look, i was sitting on the floor painting my shield all day and till 8am the next morning before leaving for fanime. XD

Note ***
E3 Is a TRADE SHOW event only** No cosplay. Had permission from Nintendo and E3 to wear costumes at the Nintendo Booth to advertise Twilight Princess. ***

Please dont cosplay at e3 unless your allowed. Its not a cosplay event.***

link (c) the gods (nintendo)
made / worn by me.

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