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It's a me, Mario!



Really loved designing this Mario outfit. I'm making a Luigi one too!
Photo by LJinto. Piranha Plants property of Nintendo.

Print available at my store:

Full Costume, nd props created by me. Modeled by me.
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best Mario dress ever!:clap: 
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Super great cos shot.......Clap I want see your this cos!!!!!! Reiden or Dead or Alive 5 LR - Mai Shiranui or Cindy Aurum or Sexy Yuna or Yoko or Hiding in the Ruins 2nd
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This is very awesome to how you look like Mario.
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that piranha plant looks so authentic.
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Probably one of your more legendary cosplay <3
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I love this one :)
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Nice Mario Cosplay!
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Wow! .........Love Love :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Super Adorable. Super Mario!
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I think that this is the best FemMario I've seen yet.
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This is exactly how Mario would and should look like if he was gender bended. It is so annoying how most people go all "rule 34" on it.
I mean its ok.
But THIS would be more…
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Is the piranha plant real or not!?  I mean like a statue??  I keep looking at it, then looking at it again and it looks like it's been photoshopped or whatever in but the pot makes it look like a statue! x)
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where is zhe mustachio? XD
lovely genderswitched cosplay
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aah it's gorgeous!! :P This is a super cute Mario gender bend! Excellent work!
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as wondrous as this is to this day i still am puzzling over just what drugs the developers of this game were on :) 
Hinata-teh-Lefty's avatar
Gorgeous shot! I love how vivid and bright it is. <3
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More like "It's a me, Maria!"
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Nice photo. :love:
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