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Hyrule Warriors Zelda

I  had about two weeks to make this costume for Nintendo for the Hyrule Warriors PAX event in August. The event was super fun and people got to take their pics with Zelda. 
This costume was a huge learning experience, but I really love how it came out. Every piece was made by me including the ears. I spent about 16 hours on the skirt detailing alone. 

You can watch my Making of video here: 

Full Costume, props, and prosthetics created by me. Modeled by me.
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Fantastic job, and attention to detail is appreciated. Would be amazing to see another variant with your natural hair - it's gorgeous!

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Now this is an AMAZING cosplay! :wow:
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This is hands down the BEST Princess Zelda costume/model combo i have ever seen. If they EVER are going to make a Zelda movie, can you please tell them that you are Zelda reincarnated so that they'll cast you?

Thanks in advance.
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Nice Zelda Cosplay!
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wow all the effort! it's great
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The colors in this dress is so perfect and beautiful Heart 
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You look so fabulous! Not even kidding.
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wow it looks great
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What is the armor made of? It looks spectacular.

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this is like my favourite cosplay ever... not only are you a perfect Link (duh i mean you even have your name inside of his), but Zelda as well. impossible!!!!
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Your cosplays are all so amazing, but WOW. This looks beyond fantastic, I don't think I could be convinced that this was anything other than Zelda herself walking out of the game into real life. 
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Hi! I used your photo as reference here:…
If this is inconvenient for you, please tell me. I asked your permission a couple of months ago but had no answer.

Congratulations on your gallery, the costumes are magnificient!
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You. Are. Zelda. Great cosplay!
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Really love the breastplates, shoes, and skirt. Amazing job! :)
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Simply beautiful. Been following you for years and always blown away by the costumes.
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Amazing, good job. I wish I can make one
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Don't see why Zelda needs a sword. Her crown looks like the deadliest weapon ever!
Fantastic recreation! Thank you for sharing your talent.
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Wooooow... Very royal-like, indeed :nod:
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dress up as Cia!!! Please please pleaaaase :)
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Awesome. Beautiful work. You make a great Princess Zelda.
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