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Hero of Hyrule - Twilight Princess

By LiKovacs
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My DA is in need of an update, I have so many pics I haven't posted here and I completely forgot, so I'll start with this Link photo from last year. This was my first time wearing Twilight Princess Link in many years and I thought it would be cool to get updated photos of it. I'm planning on redoing it and finishing my TP Master Sword too. Link is always super fun and awesome to make and wear.

Full Costume, props, and prosthetics created by me. Modeled by me. :iconlikovacs:
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ToonLinkFromBavaria's avatar
The legendary Link is real!
MandalorianKnight's avatar
All of your cosplays look fantastic.  Are you going to do the Breath of the Wild version of Link and Zelda?
madaraLUNA's avatar
Impressive! Your work is amazing!
ObsessedGamerGal86's avatar
Aren't you PikminLink?
LiKovacs's avatar
used to be years ago
ObsessedGamerGal86's avatar
Yeah you're that female cosplayer not a huge fan of Cloud Strife but that cosplay picture of him you did I thought you were a guy. You make Link and Cloud look sexy but Link's better than Cloud *sticks my tongue out at FF fans*
PrayerGirl1's avatar
I just seriously love all your pics!
sigycouture's avatar
What is the shield made of, amazing!!! I wish you could show a tutorial of the ears, they look so natural.
Goten555's avatar
Great photo and cosplay, awesome!
credechica4's avatar
how did you make the ordon sword?
Sodaburger's avatar
You are unbelievably talented!
XxXSabiXxX's avatar
Dropchocolate's avatar
the photo is totally amazing! excellent cosplay Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
UsagiYogurt's avatar
Wow! Great cosplay, pose, and scene.
MajorasMasks's avatar
Cool, I can't wait to see your other recent cosplay photos, too!  ^^
sadistic-tranquility's avatar
this is absolutely great
KatieFitness's avatar
TheFiremblemaster's avatar
LethalityRush should do this!!!
Desert-Poppy's avatar
I'm currently re-playing Twilight Princess. It is my favorite Zelda game, not to mention my first! I got into Zelda thanks to this game! :D

(And guess what music I'm currently listening to. Yup you got it :XD:)
KhleoX0's avatar
Oh my GAWSH!!! Awesome!!¡ 0^0
monkeezgob's avatar
I have no idea what the game is, or what it looks like, but this is still a wonderful photo. The pose, the clothing, the light. I could go on and on, but I won't. It is marvellous work.
AnAscendedSaiyan's avatar
That really is a wonderful thing about cosplay, even if you have no clue what the character is, anyone can appreciate a good costume. And if you care to know, the character here is called Link from The Legend of Zelda series. And this is just about a perfect job getting his likeness and environment
jaredjlee's avatar
You always deliver quality.
Your costumes, and poses are always great. The photo quality, and scenery is also a sight to see. 
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