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Goddess Zelda - Faron Woods

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Goddess Zelda - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword Zelda is one of my top favorite Zeldas from all the games because I really like her personality and character and she's so cute. I was really excited to get this really cool edit of me dressed as Goddess Zelda by Peck Photography​. Seriously so awesome! A while back I made a very simple edit of the original pic but this one is way cooler!
It really does look like Faron Woods!

Zelda: Full dress, ears, shoes, harp (lyre), accessories, wig styling by me :iconlikovacs:…
SFX Edit: Peck photography…
Photo by LJinto Photography

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Hi! :squee: Your piece has been featured in my Feature Challenge this month Monthly Feature Challenge: ZELDA as an exceptional piece of artisan craftery! :la: I hope that you'll enjoy any extra attention that it garners for you and that you'll consider participating in the challenge yourself! :blowkiss:
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this is great! where did you get the wig?
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Your picture has been featured here:
If you would like it removed, please let us know. Otherwise, Happy New Years! Ahooooy Matey!
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I reaaly like Zelda's elegant cosplay.
Raakone's avatar
Just so beautiful!
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Gorgeous *v* you probably heard that before but your cosplays are perfect <3
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This is just beautiful~
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This looks amazing!
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Beautiful pic and cosplay!
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You're even prettier than Zelda ;0; I didn't like SS Zelda (I hate her sausage lob hair and bangs) but you do her much justice!
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So elegant and serene looking! :D 
Queen--Zelda's avatar
Wow! The background is amaze!
Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                            Zelda..... 
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This is absolutely gorgeous!!!
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It's an outstanding edit~! They seriously did your cosplay and the character justice. :heart:
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I love your work Li!!!
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Woah this is gorgeous! Good job (:
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Awesome job! I think she's my favorite Zelda, too. The one that comes closest to her, in my opinion, is Twilight Princess Zelda, but TP Zelda is far more aloof, which I don't like as much. SS Zelda is just so much happier. She feels a lot more REAL than any of the others. :)

I've loved all of your cosplays, but I think this one might be my favorite that you've done. :)
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I still like Melee Zelda the best, but this is still awesome.
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:iconashlycreaturgirl: Oh my goodness!! :DDD
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Your goddess zelda cosplay beautiful
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