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A pleasant day in Ordon.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
*full view please*

At Ordon Springs, holding a Hawk Grass.

I'm doing a poster series, and I got quite a few I made.
I'm really trying to capture the Legend of Zelda feel in these submissions.

We finally did a photoshoot a few months ago. I needed new pictures of Ordon Link, everything else that I had up was old. So we went out to the same place I did my Marth photoshoot. I wear the Ordon sword with it sometimes, even tho he never does, it just seems fitting to me and it's just what I do. I liked the photo set a lot but this was probably my favorite picture of the bunch.
More to come!

Link (c) Nintendo
Poster and Costume (made & worn) by :iconpikminlink: Me.
Photo by - :iconconsplayers:
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Man, it looks just like Lake Ordon! Very impressive! ^w^
EvanescentIdeas's avatar
Awww... I love Link's Ordon clothes :love:  This is spectacularly well done and accurate. :D
xfairyboy64x's avatar
Your cosplays amaze and inspire me. Keep it up, PL!
LadyEnnalissia's avatar
YOu're a cute Link! Awesome job!!
kasmiraaramsak's avatar
And awesome picture
kasmiraaramsak's avatar
Just got this game from my friend she let me borrow it can't wait to get farther into it
Ouca's avatar
A great place to take this pic, and I love that you're holding the grass. ^^ Excellent job ^^
luanya's avatar
I have a question. Your are you a boy or a girl?? I wait not to take offence but your suits and your way of characterizing these prominent figures ... I love it n.n
xXRei-kunXx's avatar
Your cosplay of Link is simply amazing :la: !!!!
truelove66's avatar
oh my gosh that is amazing!
Nakurua's avatar
wow... You make a sexy link... * O*
Koroblin's avatar
love love love this pic
clubcool's avatar
your cosplay costumes make me happy
oscar-ojisan's avatar
MrsIshida0560's avatar
that is amazing that looks like real hair!
KaitlynBee's avatar
Is that your real hair? :O Awesome photo :D
XxXSabiXxX's avatar
*-* amazing work <3
Beccapige's avatar
You make the perfect Link <3
itsScoot's avatar
Did you make the sword? If so what was it made out of?
Celestialhost's avatar
Lauralithia's avatar
LOVE his Ordon outfit! I wish they would let you wear it throughout the game after you beat it the first time; like in Windwaker.
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