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MOAR PAINTINGS by likkyzero MOAR PAINTINGS :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 3 4 even more paintings by likkyzero even more paintings :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 1 2 more touhou paintings by likkyzero more touhou paintings :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 1 4 Cirno paintings in minecraft. by likkyzero Cirno paintings in minecraft. :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 1 2 Trash can full of cans... by likkyzero Trash can full of cans... :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 0 3
Day 7
Day 7 towards the end?
The girl in front of us… was Mari… a friend we thought we lost forever…
She disappeared 2 years ago…
When I saw her again some of my old memories came back to me
When I was young I didn't have a lot of friends I wasn't brave enough to talk to others.
I was always going to library to read a few books until a met her at the library. We both always had the same book with us… well… that was the beginning of our friendship
A few weeks later she introduced me to a few of her friends Brian and Derek
Derek is the nice guy who always jokes about Mari's size since she looks smaller than her actual age…
Mari would always yell at him for doing that. But she isn't serious we all know that.
And…Well Brian… he was the lone wolf in our group he never wanted to talk to us. Except to Mari till Mari got mad and him and said… "I won't talk to you until you talk to them"
Well Brian later found out we weren't that bad…
Well Brian
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Day 6 Changes in the dark ones
We just finished eating the food in the hideout but as we spoke the situation got worse.
Me: hey we should look around and see if we can solve this problem…
Brian and Derek: solve what? we are pretty sure we are safe here…
Me: that's not it we need to get rid of this darkness in the air…
They both look at me… we can't… its too dangerous out there
I walked outside on my own with the katana in my hand.... fine have it your way… I can't just sit still and do nothing…
Brian and Derek: hey wait… if your going anyway you might need our help…
Me: Great! We need to find wolf I got the feeling he has something to do with this. Oh yeah… Brian keep the weapons here we wont be coming back for a while just grab your best weapon…
Brian and Derek: Roger.
We went on the move looking at the places wolf normally would be…
Me: what is this? I  have found a weird looking gun with symbols matching the dagger I had earlier
We were about t
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Day 5 finding the old hideout
I don't know how I got in this mess of carrying weapons but... we had to retreat from out current location.
Brian: hey did we pack enough food and resources?
Me: Wait now you mention it… yeah we didn't pack any food…
Derek: wait… we didn't pack any?
Brian: I guess we have to look for some food.
Me: well there is a mall right there… what about we look there? I was pointing at the mall…
Brian: well I can't say it's a bad idea… but I guess we have to go with that…
Me: well then let's go…
We entered the mall finding a lot of the lost ones… we managed to avoid most of them.
As usual I was checking out the important stores that might have lots of material and food
Brian was busy fighting off the ones that came near and made it harder for me and Derek to look around…
Derek stopped looking for stuff after standing in front of a game store but I could not expect less from a game freak.
We didn't find a lot of food and materials but I did find so
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thinking of my fav character by likkyzero thinking of my fav character :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 1 0
Day 4 saving a friend
Still surprised at the amount of weapons he has I thought: could he have seen this coming? did he have this all the time? Even when he told me why I still wonder… Is this why I could never enter his room?
Brian looked at me and said: You like swords right?
Well.. yeah I guess.. when I responded he grabbed a katana and threw it at me…
Strange enough I was able to catch it which I normally couldn't do before…
Brian asked me how I did that… I responded and said… I have no idea how…
Brain said to me: ah well it doesn't matter as long we have a weapon we are fine
He grabs a gun and knife… and said let's barricade the door before they… *front door breaks* hey go downstairs and check downstairs while I load my gun
So I went downstairs with the sword I caught and saw my best friend being a lost one…
I didn't believe it and I attack him with the back of my sword and knocked him down…
I heard Brian saying hold on I am coming… when I heard th
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Day 3.5
Day 3.5 Helping a friend
As the moon was still in the air.
I was still running towards my house but as I running I saw other innocent people turning into the lost ones.
I stopped running to check if there were any other  people are like me lost in town looking for other but the ones I saw were attacked or running for their lives.
Suddenly I was attacked by the lost ones I swung my weapon into their direction and hoped that they would go down but it was no use.
So I tried to run away and took the risk of being grabbed by them and somehow I managed to  grab my weapon and escape them in a nick of time.
Along the way I found a friend in trouble I grabbed my weapon and swung my weapon as hard as I can to knock some of them down.
After that he knocked down a big group of the lost ones and said: go meet me at my house I got stuff you might need.
I agreed but I stopped him and said: Brian we should stick together you may never know what happens.
After that we both were hold
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Day 3 its NIGHT?
Day 3 its NIGHT?
On the next day school just ended and yet there was something weird.
when i stepped outside i looked at the sky and i noticed the sun is missing and in its place was the moon and the sky was still sky blue so i checked my watch and i noticed its still day..
the second time i looked the moon turned into the crimson red color then suddenly the sky went dark and the students who didn't leave yet were walking towards me the same way my dark-self did.
i picked up first object i could find and attacked them but it had no effect and then i figured it out they were changed into what i call Dark-ones they cannot feel pain and they are way more aggressive than the refections in the mirrors.
then i figured that the cause of this was the moon it makes the people who were harmed by their dark-self more aggressive and dangerous they don't feel pain but they can get knocked out.
suddenly one of them regained his senses and distracted the others to help me escape but in the end.
he di
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Photoshop reikanos from brian by likkyzero Photoshop reikanos from brian :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 3 4
On one night i woke up and looked in the mirror and i saw my reflection in the mirror looking at me as if he wants to kill me.
so i walked away without noticing that he climbed out of the mirror as i walked down the stairs i heard footsteps behind me when i looked behind me it was my reflection thats standing right in front of me looking at me with his blood red eyes telling me that he wants to kill me.
I ran down the stairs hoping to find a weapon to defend myself but.. everything in the living room vanished  and the door to the kitchen was locked.
He grabbed me and after that i noticed he is a shadow not a human
Slowly i felt something burning my body as if something is trying to take over my body.
after that i suddenly woke up with a small injury
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The next day i woke up i didn't have the courage to stand in the mirror but... somehow when i arrived at school every kid here on school had the same nightmare but... some of em didn't even show up on school the teacher assumed they were sick or ill but when i found out everyone had the same nightmare i realized it wasn't a dream or nightmare it was reality the ones who didn't show up were... taken over by their dark self.
the most suspicious of them all was... Wolf a kid who keeps telling us that the darkness would catch us and now it was the time that it happened.
i thought i was taken over but suddenly a mysterious light shined stopped him from taking over my body
some of the students ran away when they saw their own reflection when they looked at the mirror.
the students who said they fought back to the shadow were wounded.
when the day ended wolf was looking at everyone's fear for the dark souls that was hiding deep inside them
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Fang and trigger magnum by likkyzero Fang and trigger magnum :iconlikkyzero:likkyzero 5 6


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Greetings to those who followed me and things like that! 
if u have been wondering if i have been doing anything! All i have been doing is playing games, writing some stuff like stories and things (right now big/small 2 man project and no i'm not posting it) 
i havent been collecting any toys lately but i do have alot of vanguard cards and have been collecting them used to collect Yu-Gi-OH cards but well... they got swept away due to vanguard being more interesting to me
say if anyone still around here still have some idea's for me to write i will gladly attempt to write things for myself because i am pretty much at a loss for idea's and i am making myself write way too many Touhou related Fan fictions... plus i am not skilled at writing anyways as you could see from my first attempts which i pretty much cancelled
too many grammar errors and not enough punctuation or something like that even in this journal entry its the same thing!
Well Touhoufreak Likkyzero out!

btw anyone around who has sanctum 2 or sanctum i wouldn't mind having someone to play games with (my steam is likkyzero)
  • Listening to: Any Touhou music
  • Reading: un-named for now.docx
  • Watching: Angel beats
  • Playing: Beat Hazard/Sanctum 2
  • Eating: Not too much
  • Drinking: Nearly nothing


lik heng wong
average touhou fan

Current Residence: Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: is videogames a music genre?
Favourite style of art: anime style
Operating System: Windows 7,windows xp at school
Wallpaper of choice: anything related to my favorite characters
Favourite cartoon character: gokudera hayato(anime)
Personal Quote: try and find the positive in life.



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