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The Legendary Yamada Tae ~

By Likesac
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My favorite Idol Zombie <3333Nichijou - Nano Happy  
if u are interested She is from "Zombieland Saga"
I hope u Like it ^w^ !!!! Yuuko Wink Icon Yuuko Wink Icon~~

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Thank iu <33
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Isn't that the One which's Head falls off like all the time? :XD:
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all of them could do it ~
but yep , She happens more often xd
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All these "Undead-Jokes" ... ... :XD:

It's like the first Movie of Curse of the Caribbean :laughing:
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We love a legendary Tae-chan! I'm so glad they've getting a season 2
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yep yep , i'm very excited to watch it <333
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I thought she bit her own arm off for a moment.
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ajajaja xd
well it isn't impossible to her to eat herself xd Yamada Tae - Zombieland Saga 
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I see you drew my girlfriend in her real form.

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Hang in there, Buddy! 
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omg! su expresión y sobre todo esa boca abierta mostrando sus dientes con sangre me resultan mega genial *A* <33
y me gusta mucho como sombreas/coloreas el pelo negro! a veces considero dificil pintar zonas oscuras sin perder detalle, pero tú lo consigues de una forma muy bonita! >w<
gran trabajo :3
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jeje gracias , es un personaje que de verdad me gusta mucho >w<Nichijou - Nano Fangirling Nichijou - Nano Fangirling 
para lo de sombrear pelo negro , lo que hago yo es usar colores como el  Azul o purpura oscuros luego los sombreo con esos colores 
,al terminar en SAI selecciono la capa del cabello y les reduzco la intensidad del color luego le bajo el brillo para lograr un efecto mas oscuro.
espero haberme explicado bien xd .Yuno Smiling Icon 
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ya veo! me parece interesante lo de bajar la intensidad :3
muchas gracias por el consejo! <3
y de nada nwn
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Creepy and Beautiful. I love it.
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Thank iu so much x2
Nichijou - Nano Fangirling Nichijou - Nano Fangirling 
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Yay Tea your so cool :3
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Thank iu >W<
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AHHH It's Tae oAo
She's the cutest ><
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She is The Legendary idol zombie >w<
Mio Happy Icon Yuuko Happy Icon  
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indeed she is.
Nobody reaches her greatness.
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she's the cutest thing i've seen in my entire life
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