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Rainbow Dash neon wallpaper

im still learning how to work with photoshop, creating pictures from scratch, more then just simple pony pictures like my other ones.

its nothing special,
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Anyway you could do a princess luna one?? I love this as a wallpaper and would die for a princess luna!! :)
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at least credit me in the description
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You misunderstand. That is not my post. I was pointing out that Matt20113 is stealing your art.
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oh, looked to fast. thank you !
I love it!! Could you do more like this please? I would really like that. THANKS!!
Late to the party, but this is very well done! I'd love to see similar wallpapers for the other mane 5 :)
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maybe i will do some, do you prefer one from the mane6 ? :-)
Oh my gosh -- I'm so sorry I never replied! I'm not logged into DA very often and thought it would email me if anyone replied to a comment. Derp!

A Twilight wallpaper like this would be super great -- but if you decided to go outside the mane 6 then a Luna wallpaper would be best wallpaper :D
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so, what do i do at first now, twili or luna? :D
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'll have to go with Twili. Thanks for considering it :)
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and for a looong time last :D
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+ first ^_^

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