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Yeah, so I've been changing up my style a bit if you didn't already notice.

I'm working on becoming better with inkscape and photoshop making vintage pinups out of classic video game women. <3

Ideally, I'd like to make art that looks cool on a tshirt... or as a tattoo... 
Also I want to make art that is still well within my niche of video gaming... but also be able to be relatable and enjoyable by my own friends and family and whoever else who isn't so much so into gaming per say, but likes that type of art. You know what I mean? 

The two pieces I have so far are Lulu and Maria Renard. 
I'm not really counting the Rydia piece, that one was more of a practice deal and when you compare Rydia to Maria and Lulu you might be able to see what I mean. or not....

Either way. This is what I'll be doing from here on out until I feel inspired to do something else. 
Feel free to suggest a video game lady. 

If you're interested in a commission we can talk about that too. 
Until next time! ;)

-Kari LikeLikes

PS - if you ever want to check out my work in progress, from lineart, base color, shadows and textures... you are more than welcome to follow me on facebook >> <3 Thanks!

Lulu by likelikes Maria Renard by likelikes Zero Suit Samus by likelikes Cammy Chunli Bffs by likelikes

Update - added Samus Zero Suit.
Update - added Cammy & Chun li
Kirby Hyper by likelikes Kirby Starrod by likelikes Kirby Mix by likelikes Kirby Hammer by likelikes Kirby Normal by likelikes Kirby Beam by likelikes kirby warp star by likelikes

im remaking some kirby stuff >>…
It'sa Supa Mario week!

super mario gallery >>…

Boos in the Haunted House by likelikes Angry Sun by likelikes Lakitu by likelikes<da:thumb id="551232869"/> Luigi Ridin Dirty by likelikes Smw Fire Flower by likelikes
It's Final Fantasy 6 week >>>…

Terra by likelikes Sabin by likelikes Kefka by likelikes Cyan by likelikes Edgar Chainsaw by likelikes Celes Maria by likelikes
Hi! It's Zelda week! I got a list of things to design and some old favorites to update :)
I'll be updating this Journal entry with this weeks designs as they get done...

Here's a link to my Zelda gallery >>…

Catfish Quake by likelikes Triforce Wish by likelikes Zelda Flute Boy by likelikes Link Bunny by likelikes I am Error by likelikes Link 1986 by likelikes Toronbo Shores by likelikes New Helmasaur King by likelikes Big Boss Key by likelikes
It's been Secret of Mana week, I'm just writing a journal entry for it now :P
This week my goal is to make all the elemental glyphs. :)

Secret of Mana Gallery >>…

Jinn copy by likelikes Lumina by likelikes Shade by likelikes Salamando by likelikes Mana Gnome by likelikes Undine by likelikes Secret Of Mana Kids by likelikes Dryad by likelikes Luna by likelikes
This week is Earthbound Week - I'll be updating and making new stuff. As much as I can until Sunday :)

Link to the Gallery >>…

ttyl <3

Ness in Pajamas by likelikes Ness by likelikes Mr. Saturn by likelikes Runaway 5 Featuring Venus by likelikes Poo Meditation by likelikes Happy Happyist by likelikes Gold Starman by likelikes Ghost of Starman by likelikes Krakken by likelikes Tessie by likelikes
Hi! Ive been updating some of my Chronotrigger Art.... Just wanted to let you know since I've just been overwriting old file entries rather than making new ones :P Whatya think so far?? ttyl <3

Gallery >>…

Crono by likelikes Ayla by likelikes Frog Wins by likelikes Lucca Thinking (ready) by likelikes R-66Y by likelikes Surprised NU by likelikes Magus by likelikes Marle isn't her real name by likelikes Gato by likelikes Flea by likelikes Schala by likelikes

Contest Time! 

This week I will be giving away this new Bowser 8x8" matte print!

Link to Contest >
Like LikeLikes on Facebook >

To qualify please Like, Share, Comment & tag a friend on Facebook...

Each action is one entry.

You can do all three for 3 chances to win, good luck!

Winner announced June 9, 2015 :)

Also available in these shops:
Storenvy >
Etsy >
So there's a new social network in town and this one claims to pay you just for using it. 

Have you heard of it? 
I'm thinking a lot of you might like it. 
Check out my profile and play around with it sometime and let me know what you think.

I've got shit tons of shit to redesign - you'll see it all there. i post everytime i've updated a design.
It's pretty quick and easy.

Ok, well gotta go - Just wanted to say hi - TTYL ;)

I started a contest via facebook :)
Click the pic to be redirected to my facebook page :)
Good Luck!

I'm starting a new project.
I want to do scenes, towns, places - for a while. 

Anyway - I'm working on Costa Del Sol at the moment.
Should have something up here to check out in a few days
(i post pics of stuff in progress on my social medias)

Let's name some tropical towns and I'll do my best to put em on the list :)

Hello! Just really wanted to pop in to refresh things.
Hope you are well!

I've been keeping busy all over the internet. 
Doing all kinds of random stuff. Mostly retro video game art related. 

Anyway - this is my new storefront and below are my social icons.
If you visit my site you can see all kinds of cool video game art related finds
and I also put together some music playlists via youtube over there...
Check it out! See ya! <3


Social Buildings by likelikes

What's up, people? Hope you are enjoying the day.

I just wanted to pop in and refresh the "TO-DO" list but also make a formal invite for you to follow my facebook page:

Why would you want to follow me over there?
Well, because I'm there everyday, I make scribble requests on the spot fer freee and it's fun!

I am trying to get better at drawing things freehand, it's not something I want to be uploading to Deviant Art (yet) it's just quicker and simpler to upload to facebook and it's good because I can interact with people better over there. 

Here is a quick article about me drawing freehand:…

TO Do list for Deviant Art:
1 - King Dedede - done

2 - Gannon
3 - Starman Earthbound
4 - Metal Man - done

So yeah, Off I go - hope to see you over on the facebooks. 
Or on twitter, too - because all my FB posts go over there automatically:

have a good one!


Just making a public to-do list of stuff I want to get done, or have been asked to do...

Feel free to add a request in the comments - 

1 - Pharaoh Man (done:…)
2 - RadiCATE :) (FAIL:
3 - Bombman (done:…)
4 - Iceman (done:…)
5 - Fireman (done:…)
6 - Megman doing something (done:…)
7 - Shy-Guy   Super Mario Bros 2 by likelikes
8 - King Dedede
9 - Gannon
10 - Starman Earthbound

If you've made a request in the past and I flaked out - feel free to remind me now. 
I also do commissions if you want me to drop everything and focus on making art just for you :)

Have a nice night!

Last night I added stuff to the Storenvy store:

Today Jim and I shopped at the local vape shop, stopped for some DD ice coffees, took the doggie for a walk at the beach - and now :yawn: i just need a nap. This coffee don't work on me. It's 3pm.

But the house needs to be cleaned, laundry, dishes. This is everyday.
I've got friends that want to hang out for drinks tonight, but guess who is staying home to save money and work? That's right. Me - I have no life anymore - is... am... I know my proper grammar.

I'm tired. And blogging. 
I'm stone cold sober and I need a nap.

Then I'm gonna wake up, put on some Tool (because it breaks up the 'video game remix' music i always listen to quite well and Jim isn't really into all of my nerd world country land bull, but he's cool) and... clean the house.

Then it's back to uploading, etsy, neatoshop, redbubble, society 6. 
Shit takes time, yo! lol

After that I can make new art. 

Oh yeah, dinner. I'm gonna cook burgers, but then i'm gonna use texas toast as the bun because we are out of cheese and that's just a great idea anyway.  

We are so cool... lol

Hey, I hope you are having a great weekend ;)
ok - serious naptime now....

I've updated the Shop page on my website:…

It always been a challenge (but fun) to figure out how to list and navigate visitors to the places online where they can buy your stuff. I've re-writen this page about twenty times at least since I originally launched the site. I've got the stores, descriptions, links, some social icon crap and an affiliate list of my favorite stores that link directly to gaming sections of those websites. So... cool - alright!

I also cleaned up the Storenvy store:

The side navigation may look a bit basic and plain - but hey, it works. 
I could list all the available items under each store on the side there, but I'll go back to it some other day. 

I'm loving the new computer. Much faster in many ways, making new art wise, since i can draw directly on the screen and it's fast so no more losing my train of thought while waiting for things to load. I feel like I have been upgraded!

I'm working on a Super Mario RPG print which was request by my very first customer: 

Progress shot:

And I got to get back to the Megaman bosses. I need to at least finish Megaman 1, right? I want to do them all!! 

Hope you are having a super happy weekend - talk to you laters.

I decided after debating it in my head it was time to just shell out the money for an upgrade. 

I got a surface pro 3 along with some accessories, like a leather case, screen protector - and a logitech wireless KB and mouse because i heard the snap on KB (which is crazy expensive) aint all that great. 

The reasons why I've not made much new art are due to a number or reasons:

1- this computer is 6 years old, slow - needs to be plugged in at all times. 
2- there are wires everywhere... mouse, wacom, power chord... OMG fucking wires.
3- i cant get comfortable anywhere in this house with this thing.
4- because i am uncomfortable, it causes all kinds of computer related injury.
5- even with a wacom tablet, I'm stuck in a rigid world where i can't rotate and make sense out of what I am trying to do on the screen. 

So all these reasons piled up made me pretty much procrastinate doing anything art related and it's been killing me. 
I wish I had the money saved up or won $$ in the lottery to afford it, but I didn't. I'm broke! 

I am the type of person that does not spend money I don't have. 


What I do have is a decent credit history because I've been a responsible human, so I threw this upgrade on my CC card which is now closer than it has ever been to being maxed out, but "fuck it" - without this I am a sitting duck. 

We only live once. I'm not gonna go another day wishing magical money is going to fall from the sky and save me. 

I am so exited. Staples tells me I will get it TOMORROW - OMG 

OMG Guys! 

BTW does anyone want a pretty nice/barely used wacom tablet? 
I bought it about 2 months ago for 70ish bucks, but I'd take $35 for it just to get someone using it that needs it. 
I'd ship it anywhere USA with tracking. 

Let me know - omg i cant wait to make new art :)

EDIT - testing instagram code:

<iframe src="//" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

lol good job DA :P

picture is here:…
Just making the rounds. Here are some of my most recent favorites. 
I am sad that season 4 of Game of Thrones is over already, but that's ok, because True Blood is back on!
That's what I do on Sundays - Hope you have a great week!

I've been in hot pursuit finding all the greatest video game themed artists.
There are so many of them!
Check out some of my latest finds here,
but be sure to check out the website for more. 
Have a Happy Sunday!