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A Very Bunny Story - Ch. 5 (The Mage, Mag)
During the night me and Riley slept in one of the tents. We didn't want to be mistaken for animals and be eaten, now did we?
Love-Lee kept close to us during the night. Riley didn't understand her at first. Apparently while I was sleeping, they stayed up and talked about me. Or so I'm told.
Morning hits. I had what I consider to be the best morning food I've ever had: Carrots and bread! My sister giggled at me. I remembered shortly after that she always giggled at me being a, as she put it, "big cute doofus". Ah, at least she's still herself.
I hop over to Ashton, who doesn't notice me at first -- I'm willing to bet he's still used to human me.
"Hey, little critter, what's up?" He says, poking at me for being a bunny.
"Eh, nothing much. I think I'm getting used to this..."
"Well that's good... Heh, what if you can change back and you just don't know it?"
"That'd be helpful. Strength of a human, size of a bunny... I like that idea. Now how do I change back?" We both laugh. We pretty muc
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Close Sisters (Undertale Short Story)
Before the war, monsters and humans lived in harmony...
As the soft warmth of a fireplace fire filled the room, a female voice was heard by the many denizens -- including Frisk, Undyne, Monster Kid, Alphys, Papyrus, Asriel, even Asgore, Mettaton (EX, of course) and... sigh. Jerry. -- who had attended. They had hushed themselves just as quickly as they had came.
But after the war, it was very different. They had been losing the war. They had been trapped inside a mountain by the humans.
The King of the mountain had been watching over them for a good long while. Humans had come and gone. But nobody knew how the humans came and went -- there was a barrier blocking the exit, and an insurmountable fall at the entrance.
Everyone was quick to look over to Frisk just from the mention of "humans" alone. Frisk held out her hand, revealing several small hearts that almost seemed to beat in harmony. 
The story-reader, Toriel, grabbed ho
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A Very Bunny Story - Ch. 4 (Life in the Spring)
Y'know, I'm just wondering whether to skip the formalities here and get straight into the action. I mean you've probably guessed what'll happen by now... nah.
Love-Lee stopped me and gave me a kiss. I felt a rabbit jump up and kiss me too, right at the same time. It felt nice, but...
Suddenly I felt my body stiffen. I couldn't move. Then the bunnies gathered around me.
I wasn't in pain, I thought. I was more in love than in pain. That's good. But I could feel something gathering up inside me.
Then suddenly -- for me it was at a moment's notice -- my vision seemed to "fall". I had control of my body again.
Love-Lee rushed over, half in worry and half out of wanting to cuddle me. She picked me up and I heard something like "Awww, Bale's a bunny!"
She snuggled me. I just enjoyed it while I could. But soon I had an urge to change back. "I love this form and all for what it's given me but... I wanna go back to me!"
Love-Lee looked to me. "But I wanna cuddle you some more..." She didn't seem
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A Very Bunny Story - Ch. 3 (The Happy Spring)
Woah, was that a good sleep. I had dreams about my childhood again... and about her... I was in heaven for a while...
Anyways. I got up, ate some breakfast (did I mention Grammy makes some good sandwiches?) and headed out. Nothing unusual and it's exactly what you'd expect, blah blah blah.
On the way I was stopped by Clyde again. He offered me his spear, but I had to decline since I had found its weight to be much too much for me to handle. I still appreciated his help though. And the guards wished me good luck... I think I remember shedding some tears here.
I reached the shop. There was a lady in there, about Ashton's height and in a nice dress. She was helping them in some form, from what I had gathered in that moment.
As I entered, Love-Lee quickly came and gave me a big glomp. I was used to being hugged like this by some of the other children, so it didn't really hurt. Or at least, I wasn't focused on the pain.
"Hey there, Bale!" Ashton said. "You're right on tim
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A Very Bunny Story - Ch. 2 (Prepare For Love)
That night it was like the universe was waiting on me and solely me. My heart had started beating like no other time. It wasn't like a heart attack was gonna happen, but... I could tell it wasn't normal.
In the middle of the night, I arose from my (admittedly comfy) bed and went to talk with my grandma. She and I had a long talk about my feelings for this girl... This Love-Lee girl, as my grammy put it. Grandma knew how I felt -- she had been like this around Grandpa. The two of them were inseparable, even if it meant they were risking their lives.
I had finally made my choice. I want to meet her.
The next morning...
"Grammy, I'm going now!" I said loudly to her. She responded, "Alright, you keep safe now... and remember, everyone in this town is family, no matter what!"
As I walked to the town shop, hoping that's where Love-Lee would be, I was surprised to hear one of the guards call my name. "Hey Bale! Heard you were going on an adventure..."
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A Very Bunny Story - Ch. 1 (Reasons To Adventure)
So... Where to even begin with this? 
Where was I before all this?
Oh yeah.
 I was walking around town, getting my supplies for the . The usual stuff. I think it's all too commonplace, actually.
So I'm just minding my own business. It's a beautiful day, I thought. And I had a dream about some happy bunnies last night. Grandma always told me they were good luck. So I knew today would be a good day!
And what a day it was. I made some new friends! I met the shopkeeper's daughter, and isn't she just pretty? She's got those eyes, and a beautiful smile, and...
Sorry! I think she likes me back, though...
So I get home. Aside from me fumbling with my keys and almost being question by a guard, all is normal (or better).
"Hey Bale, you're getting older, aren't you?" My grandmother calls out to me. "You're in a world like no other. Kids your age should be out adventuring by now..."
I thought about it for a moment
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A Very Bunny Story - Intro
Hi, I'm Bale. I'm here to share a recent experience with you.
So what happened? Well, I'm a boy who recently became a helpless creature for a time. I can tell you it ain't fun when you're basically at the whim of everyone else. It feels so... lonely. I know how an ant feels. It--
Well anyways, I suppose I'm not so helpless anymore. When you live to tell a tale, that pretty much implies you're alive. And alive I got, thanks to the help of some adventurers... well, I don't know if I can call them that. They're more like family to me.
So, let's start from the beginning.
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Infinite powahhhh by likelakers22 Infinite powahhhh :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 0 0 New Plushy Playmate :3 by likelakers22 New Plushy Playmate :3 :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 0 1 Riley: Nerdy Bear Extraordinaire by likelakers22 Riley: Nerdy Bear Extraordinaire :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 5 3 Call me ''four-eyes'' :o) by likelakers22 Call me ''four-eyes'' :o) :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 5 9 Plexus Test by likelakers22 Plexus Test :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 2 1 Plexus Test (2) by likelakers22 Plexus Test (2) :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 0 0 DJ Striden, fan logo by likelakers22 DJ Striden, fan logo :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 1 5
I wanna share a dream I had.
This is an actual dream I had when I was little. I've hesitated posting it because of the somewhat mature nature of it, but now me being my perverted self keeps thinking about this dream... And Riley, if you're reading this, I promise you that the one time I mention you here in this deviation is not in a sexual manner. I promsie.
I once had a dream when I was a little child, where... well, I was standing. Candles everywhere. Outside. It was dark out, but I could see almost clearly. I look around. "Cool, this is really peaceful!" you may say. But no, actually that's not why I'm sharing it. I looked down at myself because I noticed I wasn't wearing much. Actually, it seemed more like I was wearing nothing at all... I didn't feel shame though. Actually, what caught me off guard was how I had the body parts of the opposite gender: Being as IRL me is a male (WOAH SURPRISE), I had those of a female. I had no idea why I looked like that in my dream. But it still surprised me. I searched and w
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You can't handle my sexiness! by likelakers22 You can't handle my sexiness! :iconlikelakers22:likelakers22 3 22


oh my gosh this this is the best thing i've ever sen yeah i mispelled sen but who cares because this is beautiful like, you do not know...

by JaniceTheFurry

~Dana-The-Cat let me copy part of her critique, as I am too lazy to make one myself, and her critique describes this drawing PERFECTLY....

by scir

This is an amazing way to explain what exactly deviantART is. Even a video made by a staff member doesn't go into the full detail of ho...

by Smushey

This is simply beautiful. I don't know if I could ever draw this in my life. YOU SIR, ARE A TRUE ARTIST, POSSIBLY EVEN BETTER THAN YUUM...


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- I love to chat with others, so let me know if you want to chat with me! Don't feel shy, I'm always (well, almost always) available if you need someone to vent to. :)

- I have several roleplay characters, though you might not see me use them much, if at all, on deviantART.

- I've always tried to be as forgiving and understanding as I possibly can. Therefore, don't feel like you have to apologize for everything to me, even if you know it's not your fault. I can tell the difference between an accident and something intentional, so don't feel like you should cry over spilt milk. If you feel you must though, I'll understand. I don't want to put too much pressure on someone. :)

- I love beautiful and cute art, so don't be surprised if I suddenly hug someone's OC because it's cute. :3

- Hey, as a fan of seeing fanart, you have my permission at any time to use one of my images in your artwork (up to the limits that the law will allow), whether or not my image is related. The only exception is when it is a image that I edited and posted from another user's deviantART. (For example, In those cases, I request that you ask the original artist first. But if you do use an image of mine, please notify me. :)
   - This should be obvious, but I require that you credit me (or the original artist if you have permission and they have requested you credit them) if you resubmit a image of mine to your account. "Resubmitting" in this case is where I deem that an image has no editing done to it or has obviously been stolen from me. Failure to do so even if you are reminded will cause me to request that the admins take the image down. (This is only as an affront to art theft, hence why I am very lenient on this point.)
   - One exception to both of these rules is my meme images, unless such a meme image was created using someone else's artwork. Those get redistributed so much, I don't really care at this point if you steal them from my profile. XD

- I obtain permission from the artist when posting an edit of their deviation. (For example, If you believe I do not have permission to post a certain image, please notify me first instead of reporting me. I check my messages several times a day, so the only time when I will not receive your message is if deviantART does not show me the message. :)

P.S. I don't add people to my deviantWatch at random. I only do it if I enjoy their art. :)

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