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Steampunk Mech I

Steampunk mech
In case you're wondering what's the thing on the side of its head, they're like floodlights, one on each side. You know for stuff. I'll come up with more imaginary specs for this mech later.
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I appreciate how clean this big metal boy is! Most steampunk art tends to clog things up with unnecessary detail, but this guy is remarkably clean while still having enough detail to read as Steampunk! I like it!
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An epic robot in its own right
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Like your vision.
I just love robots and well made steampunk themed art and this picture fits perfect to what I wanna see :D Long story short, good job, mate !
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Really superb piece of work! looks like something from War of the Worlds... Mankind's weapon against the Tripods!
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Not gonna lie, this is awesome! could I please use this for some card art?
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I love this one, too!
Once again, your attention to detail amazes me.
The background really contrasts the coppery color well and makes the mech more visually strong.
My favorite things about this picture: the pistons and details on the legs and the shoulder piece.
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Great illustration :) I like it
Carried in Cruzine: [link]
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Steampunk's the best!
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Sweat shoulder plating n badass weapon
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looks like the steampunk version of the Assassin. Good job!
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what's that thing on it's crotch?
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I thought I better tell you I found this image via [link]
I don't know if you gave him permission or not but thought I should notify you.
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Hey thanks a lot. I greatly appreciate the heads up.
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Congratulations! :handshake: This picture has been featured in my journal [link]
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Hey, nice collection of steampunk artworks:)
Thanks for including my artwork.
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dude, tight! really like the copper-ish color.
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that looks amazing :O is it fully done in photoshop? background looks good too :)
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Thanks dude. :D
yeah fully done on PS
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Very well-done! :)
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